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Hey guys. Is there any way to set a default folder view for all folders on the computer? It's a real pain having to change every new folder I create to the list view manually. Thanks in advance for any help!
Well, lo and behold I went to the Logitech website to see if anything could be found there. I downloaded their Control Center for Mac, and it was able to remap the keyboard so that it is functioning properly again. However, were this a microsoft keyboard or something else, I'd probably still be stuck now. If anyone knows what I did to cause that craziness, or knows a fix, I'd be interested to hear it.
I seem to have managed something I didn't think possible tonight. While trying to remember a hotkey, I press cmd, ctrl, option, shift, and the left / right keys in just about every combination. The result: my external keyboard is no longer functioning with the system, and typing a key when the keyboard is connected will cause my external mouse to right click with both mouse buttons, making it impossible to do just about anything. A restart of the system was able to get...
Hey guys. I got my MBP a few days ago and so far I'm really loving it. Cmd+O was the answer to my question, and while I'm not keen on it, I'll get used to it I think. Again, thanks for the assistance.
This is what a rep at the apple store suggested, but it doesn't do what I'm looking for. That expands the open image's window to fullscreen, not give the program an opaque background. If the image is maximized, I can't view more than one at a time, side by side, or in the proper placement amongst the toolbars, so I rarely find that view the least bit useful. Not griping at you, as it was a good suggestion, just still frustrated with that aspect of the OS.
I know, most won't agree with me on this one, but... The ability to add a BACKGROUND to applications like photoshop! I hate that if I misclick on something behind the app, the app disappears and I am suddenly in the finder or someplace and have to alt-tab back into it. All I need is a check box in the options menu for "opaque background" or something.
Thanks for the further replies. I got the tracking no. today on the package, so I'll try it out on Thurs!We can only hope...
cmd-O... ah guess I'll have to try that. Yeah, in the multi-pane list view (forget the term used) it's easy to navigate with just the arrows. Any way to change cmd-O and override with enter?
Thanks for the link, it sounds like a cool app. However, is there no keyboard shortcut to open a file in the finder normally? Or can that too be changed?
Hey guys. I'm not really making the switch, since I'm keeping my PC, but I just ordered an MBP for my photoshop needs. Anywho, goofing around on some of the ones in the store, I'm getting a better feel for the differences in the OS. There's at least a few things that will drive me bonkers though. I'm a keyboard kind of guy, and when moving through the Finder, I can't figure out how to launch something simply from the keyboard! The type-to-search works great, better than...
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