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I definitely emailed Apple about this idea. Can't tell you how many times I've been sitting out in my driveway when my iPhone just won't let go of the uselessly weak Wi-Fi signal from my house. Siri doesn't like that one bit.   Thank Jebus somebody else had this problem too.  
Um, Think Different?
  Exactly. I just don't understand how this extremely buggy service is actually being expanded. Runaway duplicating playlists, clean/explicit lyrics switching and lag times up the whazoo.   All issues known since November and NO mention of any progress from Apple.
  And in that case we should rename it organ exchange.
  Um, that's grateful, not gracious. Use your Mac's dictionary sometimes. . .
  I'm not sure why I thought these forums would be a forum for reasonable, factual discourse.    Case in point: calling everyone single person in the American government "morons."     Really? 100%? So Dateline had absolutely no reason to air an entire episode on Apple's offshore manufacturing partners?   Apple could be under investigation for supporting mass murder and I feel like people who read AppleInsider would be like, "Well, it's not THAT many people. People die all...
I find the whole slogan, "Wake Up," too preachy. AND the fact that they showed up in front of an Apple store. . . it reminds me of when Carolyn Parrish stomped on George W. Bush's doll to express her infantile dislike of the man.   It's like, instead of telling us why we all suck for not buying your product, prove to us that we should buy your product by demonstrating it's awesomeness.   Then again, I am not a marketing expert. . .    
It would be a match made in heaven if Sprint's data speeds and availability didn't suuuuuuuuuck soooooooooo baaaaaaaad.
Except it costs $8–10 per MB. So, downloading a 3 minute song from iTunes would cost approximately $50 or about half of a traditional, month-long cell phone service subscription.EDIT: Make that $8–10 per MB, plus a WEEKLY $99 rental fee. . . Um, I'm sticking with my old fuddy duddy cell provider, I think. . .
Actually, the article looks like it has, let me count them.... 23 sources. And, many come straight from the National Bureau of Standards.The old adage that WIkipedia is not a valid source discourse only needs to be mentioned for when you're writing your occasional middle school book report. For many fields, especially in the hard sciences, Wikipedia is actively maintained and well updated. And has faaaaaaaaaarrrrrr more articles than your flimsy old Funk & Wagnalls.
New Posts  All Forums: