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 The simple truth is that it IS more distracting when the person isn't in the car with you. I don't know a single friend (or foe) riding in the car with me who wouldn't react to my obvious concern for traffic or other approaching road hazards by shutting the hell up and letting me drive to a safer situation on the road. Siri isn't even a person, (at least you can tell someone on the phone to "hold on"). Nobody says, "Siri, give me directions to Panera." They say, "Siri,...
Actually, the study (which took the time to quantify real observations) says the opposite. You're not having a conversation (philosophically speaking), and Siri messes up all the time—you're feeding words into a pretty picky computer, and trying to get it to respond the way you want it to (Have you ever tried to make an appointment with a number or date in it using Siri? Brain-numbing...). You tell me you're "just having a conversation" while merging into rush hour...
I would rather have an iPhone 6 Plus sharpened into a dagger to cut off all my fingers and toes, at a rate of one per hour, while listening to Michael Bublé in a drunken despair, consoling himself in song on the toilet, in a Carnival Cruise ship run aground in Antarctica, than buy a Samsung phone.
Who cares about that? If the ALS Association gets money, and Samsung gets to look hip with the kids, it's win-win. Don't even tell me the bucket challenge on Facebook isn't 90% about shameless self-promotion and "look how charitable I am." It's about as meaningful as the Harlem Shake. Luckily, the ALS Association still gets money from people's self-absorbtion, and those with Lou Gehrig's Disease will hopefully be closer to a cure.
Nobody tell him his iPhone has integral Samsung-made parts in it.
 Translation: Nuh, uh! You'd have to actually test both phones under exactly the same conditions in order to either confirm or rebut the claims you're making. "Ugly," "Propaganda," "Stupid-pants," or any other knee jerk may make you feel good to say, but don't actually answer the question your assertion poses.
My dumb ass is using Adobe Fonts, so it doesn't matter that InDesign works--everything inside is practically worthless. Fonts must need to phone home more often or something.
And this is where your comments belong: http://freedomoutpost.com
  Again, a good guess would be all you folks saying this horse sh*t are privileged white folks, thinking that race doesn't play a prominent role in the disadvantages ethnic minorities in the US face on a DAILY basis. There are literally entire LIBRARIES, SOCIAL INSTITUTIONS, UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENTS DEEEDDDICAAATED to consistently proving you wrong.
I would be willing to wager a winning lottery ticket that you are in fact a White person making what you probably think is a neutral, objective statement about race. I would also wager that you consider people of differing races (whatever they may be) to be truly different than you in some quality or distinction. Sure, there are cultural differences. There are physical differences. But in terms of their humanity, capability, value, and worth, they are absolutely no...
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