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Anybody ever try explaining to a iPhone-with-Windows user all the things you can do between iOS and Mac OS X. Me: "Oh yeah, I can sync all my calendars, emails, practically everything to my iPhone with little to no effort. Mail app is like email from the gods. Also, I can do practically anything with a PDF. And the apps you can use with iCal and everything else are so incredibly useful." iPhone-with-Windows user: "Gee that's cool. What version of Outlook do you need...
I actually prefer dropbox for it's interoperability. I can share folders with colleagues that don't use Mac and it works just as wonderfully for them as it does for me on my Mac. I bet that's one reason why they didn't want to be rolled into Apple.One of the main drawbacks of being a part of such a huge corporation (like Apple) is the need to go through enlarged bureaucracy to implement your new features/ideas. I don't know how big Dropbox is, but I'm sure it's nice that...
Ten bucks says they find dead bodies.... No, but seriously... it seems plausible.
Great idea.Your syntax makes you sound like a new Mac user.INDEED. . .
Reread the article.... The Thunderbolt Display is only 27". The 24" is the older model. Thanks not harpooning me about my mistake.
The image in the main article is not accurate. Thunderbolt display has only two cables—one for the power supply, the other being the Thunderbolt hookup (assuming that you're plugging it into a Thunderbolt-capable computer). The one here shows power supply, MiniDisplay Port and USB.
I guess there's no reason to want privacy for anything other than things that are criminal or particularly dirty....
Must keep.... brow... furrowed.... at.... non... Apple.... products!
What difference would it make if one was referring to Koreans as a race or a nation? Unless you happen to be an expert on the sociological and economic behaviors of Korean business people as it pertains to international trade (which isn't entirely impossible...), your generalization colors all Koreans who do business as being vicious and unreasonable.... a statement which, whether racist or not, colors YOU as vicious and unreasonable as well.
I believe you mean the FTC (Federal Trade Commission). I see no reason why an organization charged with overseeing radio communications would give a blip about HDD quality.
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