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Just keep in mind that Apple has always been, like any multi-billion dollar corporation, concerned with one thing: making money. The very nature of businesses cannot help, at least on this level, but be machines concerned only with dollars coming out of a buyer's pocket. Whatever association you've made between trendiness, environmental friendliness, sophistication and Apple is a strategic, calculated move on Apple's part to suck your money from you. How else do you think...
I think it's pretty strange that so many people just come up with the opinion that one brand (Apple) is automatically better than another and that the other companies are probably lying if reviews challenge an Apple product. As of now, the iTunes store lists about 1,000 rentable titles. Netflix touts 10,000+. Clearly iTunes and all those other things are nice, but friendly competition are exactly what make businesses and their products and services get...
What's going to happen when Apple rolls out iPhones with third-party apps in a few weeks?
Don't you think it is interesting that for all the private life Jobs may have, he's getting a whole lot of attention now for it? Shareholders would definitely have panicked, especially if they are the same people who read AppleInsider.
I just patented the act of making dumb jokes. Pay up people.
Once Again. I'm reiterating. The display is glossy because it's glass! Not like the Macbook glossy screens that you can't put stuff on without risking damage. It's glass, which can be easily cleaned, and easily made non-glossy (if you want to.
Also, the black border hides the iSight, which previously showed up as a little black square in a sea of white right in front of your face.
Please note that the screen on the new iMacs are glass. Actual glass. not plastic or acrylic. So when you press on them, they won't make colorful waves.... Aka, you can clean them (carefully) and they won't scratch as easily. Somebody will probably offer non-glare appliqu├ęs which will make everybody happy. And, like Jobs said, it's much more ecologically friendly. Also, I don't see the reason to have a heart-attack that Apple isn't offering you the contents of the MacPro...
New Posts  All Forums: