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And this is where your comments belong: http://freedomoutpost.com
  Again, a good guess would be all you folks saying this horse sh*t are privileged white folks, thinking that race doesn't play a prominent role in the disadvantages ethnic minorities in the US face on a DAILY basis. There are literally entire LIBRARIES, SOCIAL INSTITUTIONS, UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENTS DEEEDDDICAAATED to consistently proving you wrong.
I would be willing to wager a winning lottery ticket that you are in fact a White person making what you probably think is a neutral, objective statement about race. I would also wager that you consider people of differing races (whatever they may be) to be truly different than you in some quality or distinction. Sure, there are cultural differences. There are physical differences. But in terms of their humanity, capability, value, and worth, they are absolutely no...
That's a pretty low moral threshold for suggesting that we execute people.
  State-sanctioned separation of families from their children. Awesome. Harkens me back to the 1800s with thousands of slave families.   I bet you're one of those people who thinks the government has too much power, too.
How many awful typos! I'm embarrassed for this blog right now.
I definitely emailed Apple about this idea. Can't tell you how many times I've been sitting out in my driveway when my iPhone just won't let go of the uselessly weak Wi-Fi signal from my house. Siri doesn't like that one bit.   Thank Jebus somebody else had this problem too.  
Um, Think Different?
  Exactly. I just don't understand how this extremely buggy service is actually being expanded. Runaway duplicating playlists, clean/explicit lyrics switching and lag times up the whazoo.   All issues known since November and NO mention of any progress from Apple.
  And in that case we should rename it organ exchange.
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