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  The new Ivy Bridge chipsets have all sorts of thermal management goodness built in, which should help with any heat issues.  The new processors are substantially more efficient as well.  Yanking the DVD should also make it easier to provide the internals with cooling, even if the case gets thinner.  Newer monitors tend to run cooler as well, as do newer hard drives (especially if they go with SSDs as standard equipment for the boot drive, which Apple just might).
  Makes sense to me.  With today's iPhone if you want to hear it ring your best bet is to shove it top-first into your pants or jacket pocket, but if you want to use headphones you have to flip it so the top is pointing up.   With this iPhone you'll use the same orientation regardless of whether you're using headphones or not.
  I doubt that.  Manufacturers are already making noises about 4K UHDTV TVs coming out within the next 12 months.  They run at double the standard 1080p HD resolution, or 3840 x 2160 (4 times the pixels of today's HD).  If televisions are coming, you can bet monitors will hit too, and hit within the next 24 months.   I wouldn't be at all surprised to see Apple be one of the first to adopt that resolution, just as they were one of the first to adopt WQHD (2560 x 1440,...
"We're really excited about the new logo"   This simple statement demonstrates everything that's gone wrong in Redmond.
Megabucks Whitless has worked her magic at HP, I see.  A worthy successor to Carly Failorina...
  I've had the same thing happen with SMS messages on Verizon.  I can't say I've found iMessage to be any less reliable...   Funny thing is, SMS was the one thing AT&T seemed to do better than Verizon.  I don't recall ever having problems sending or receiving messages in a timely fashion with them.  With Verizon it's a crapshoot, and it has been for years.  Had the same lousy SMS experience when I was with them prior to getting my iPhone in 2009.   Go figure.
  If the connector includes the audio jack, it would be impossible to plug it in the wrong way.  So, no need for more expensive reversible cables.  Would also provide additional stability when used in a dock...
  I was thinking the same thing the other day.  The iMac came out going on 15 years ago now (hard to believe).
  Actually, I'm not so sure about the reversible bit anymore.  Reports are trickling in that the port only has 9 pins - it's one-sided.  So, no 18 pins, and not reversible.  Any analog audio would have to come from the headphone jack.
  I agree.  All devices will use the same dock connector / headphone jack combo.  Analog audio will go out via the headphone jack - the new 18 pin connector won't support that anymore.   Although that makes me wonder if the connector is really reversible, as folks have been asserting.  It would seem to be keyed, due to the placement of the headphone jack.  That would be interesting, since 18 pins opens up a lot of connectivity options.  Thunderbolt?
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