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  Well, it's even worse than that.  By that point in the middle of the last decade, Apple already had iPhone designs which looked a lot like what would eventually become the iPhone 4 - the rounded corners, flat front and back, bezel size, home button, side switches, the works.  It appears one of their designers then decided to conduct a thought-experiment, "What would this design look like in Sony drag (circa 1983)."  So they added a few old skool Sony-styled buttons and...
These Ivy Bridge Intel chipsets are having USB issues on PCs as well.  I have a new motherboard with an Ivy Bridge chip, and the USB has been flaky since day one. Forums are full of complaints.  I think it'll take motherboard manufacturers and OS makers a few more months to work out all the bugs in their BIOS and drivers.
  And if my grandmother had wheels, she'd be a wagon.  Sadly, it doesn't, so I'm not.
Death.  Spiral.   It'll be interesting to see who goes tits up first - Nokia or RIM...   I'm betting on Nokia.  RIM at least has their service business to bring in some revenue - their message network.  Nokia's got nothing much apart from their now-worthless phones.
  Just to back your assertion up with some numbers, Microsoft dumped in excess of $30 billion into their consumer products division before they were finally able to start turning small annual profits on it.  Most of that money went into developing, manufacturing and marketing the Xbox and Xbox 360.  At the current rate of return, it'll take them decades to recoup their investment.   They can't afford another "success" like the Xbox.  It would break the company -...
  I wonder if the existing design (or something like it) will become the new iPod Shuffle.
  And Gladys in Accounts Payable is gonna know this HOW?   Like I said, Microsoft is rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.  They're "fixing" things that weren't broken in the first place...   Have they finally done away with that idiotic, corruption prone, virus loving Registry of theirs? 
  Yup, Gladys in Accounts Payable is gonna have a coronary if she can't find the link to Quicken anymore in her Start Menu.   And just wait 'till some guy in the executive suite spends half an hour trying to figure out how to start Powerpoint.  That'll be a career ender for any CTO's dumb enough to deploy this turkey, as well as the death knell for Windows 8.     Leave it to Microsoft to rearrange the deck chairs on their Titanic and inconvenience millions of users in the...
  Intel has the rights to manufacture ARM devices, last I read.  They might choose not to do so - they don't really seem to want to be used as "just a fab" - but legally there's nothing preventing them from doing so.
Microsoft already released tablets that ran their desktop OS.  They sucked and failed miserably in the marketplace.  What makes anybody in their right mind think it'll work this time around after having failed over and over and over again in the past?   By release two different tablets running two different operating systems on two different hardware platforms Microsoft has only added to their woes.  Essentially the low end device is an iPad wannabe with a virgin OS...
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