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    Nokia kept growing for several years after the iPhone was released as well.  Didn't last.  They're in a race to the bottom with the prime mover in this marketplace.  Samsung also depends upon Google, which so far hasn't done anywhere near as good a job updating Android as Apple has done with iOS.  Cust sat figures don't lie.   Samsung will find it increasingly difficult to compete with Apple on price and on features over the next 2-3 years.  That'll force them to...
I love the smell of desperation.   How long before Apple gobbles up 90% of the profits in the smartphone space, anyhow?   Samsung = the next Nokia.
Stomp.  Stomp.  Stomp.  Stomp.   This is becoming embarrassing.
The reaction to Windows 8's Metro interface will be comparable to what would have happened if Microsoft had made Bob the default interface for Windows 95.   I still don't believe Redmond will go thru with it, but we'll see.  The stupid has been powerful with them lately, so anything's possible.    
Because that's all this nasty dingbat is capable of. I recall reading an interview Wired magazine did with her sometime around 2000, when eBay (which she was running after its founding) took off. I would read some of her blather, attempt to digest it, then read it again. It was incomprehensible corporate gobbledygook. She droned on and on for pages and said absolutely nothing. She rode eBay thru the Internet bubble then departed wealthy, a classic example of a...
Those of us old enough to have been around for the dawn of the "home computer" market during the late '70s thru the mid '80s have seen this exact dynamic play out once before. What's happening to Android is nothing new. Anybody remember the Commodore 64? It was a low-quality rip-off of the older but superior - and far better-built - Atari 800. Commodore moved boatloads of the things - I think it's probably still the single best-selling computer model ever (if you don't...
Looks to me like Android has just about peaked in terms of marketshare. Microsoft is bound to rise a little bit over the next couple of years due to the Nokia partnership, and the iPhone 5 is likely to attract a goodly percentage of the Android userbase. As RIM continues to implode, the remaining, mostly corporate customers will flock to iOS or Win 8 (Android just has too many security issues). Look for Amazon to launch an "Android in name only" phone as part of their...
Brilliant timing, copycats. Just in time to be blown out of existence by the iPhone 5... Morons.
They switched out the CEO but he's "staying the course"? Deck chairs. Titanic.
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