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They switched out the CEO but he's "staying the course"? Deck chairs. Titanic.
Fixed it for ya!
Yes. New, radical and crap. Being different doesn't attract customers. Being better does. Microsoft's idiotic tile-based interface is a waste of precious screen real estate. It isn't better, it's more confusing and more time consuming. Fail. And the sales numbers prove it. But hey, hats off to Microsoft for not simply ripping-off a competitor for a change. That's new and radical. Pity they're so poor at innovating, and so slow about it, too.
If by "feels alive" you mean, "feels like sticking your finger in a pool of maggots", then yes, I'd agree with you.
Stick a fork in this thing - it's already done. By the time Nokia and MS get something halfway decent out the door the iPhone 5 will be on sale. They're about three years too late to this party. Doomed. Nokia is the next RIM.
How useful would it be for Apple to simply buy AMD and cut Intel out of the equation entirely? They're flush with cash, and are already designing their own chips for the iPhone, iPad and AppleTV. Bring the Mac's chipset in-house as well, and customize it for low power personal computing applications, not the commoditized product Intel makes, designed to run in everything from servers to clusters to gaming PCs. Might also assist with the transition to ARM - they could...
Have we ever seen the wheels fly off an IT company quite as thoroughly and completely as they've flown off RIM in the past six months? It's like watching the Space Shuttle explode.
I don't see consoles as having any role. The only reason why MS and Sony threw a gazillion dollars into developing this last generation of consoles is because they were seen as "convergence"devices. That never panned out, and it's the smartphone that's become the ultimate convergence device. Yes, you can spend a couple billion designing and building a console that'll have awesome hardware specs the year it's released. But it'll be a year before a bunch of software...
We're seeing a replay of what happened to the dedicated console business in the early '80s, when cheap multipurpose home computers like the Commodore 64 and Atari 800XL hit the market at similar price points and wiped the consoles out. Nintendo was finally able to establish the NES as a successful rival because it was far easier to use than a personal computer and it was cheaper. That became particularly true as the personal computer market moved upscale toward the more...
Amazon is worried Apple's ecosystem will suck up a bunch of their customers and leave them frozen out of affluent markets (i.e. consumers who actually have money to spend). That could have drastic consequences for Amazon's bottom line. They're probably also worried that Google will start funneling customers to its own content services (like YouTube) via Android. The Fire actually poses more of a threat to Google and its Android partners than it does to Apple, because of...
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