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Yet, here we all are, arguing (discussing) the merits of the latest Apple TV ad. I wonder how much it would cost to get this kind of "engagement" for the rest of the Apple line of products. Remember, "there is no such thing as "bad publicity").
It looks to me that we have come full circle on this issue. Back in the early days of rock n roll we had payolla, the practise of the labels paying the radio stations to plug their record over the free airways. Why? Because they knew that the more kids liked the song, the more kids would buy it, and they could only learn to like it was if it got a lot of free exposure.   Now we have "artists" withholding their music from getting free exposure and trying to force the...
Well, if it makes you feel better, Canada has over 35 million people and has a geographical area similar to the US of A.....and we're just being included this week ...... Patience is a virtue...until it isn't and then it's a bitch.  I feel your pain.
Very classy !
"People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones." There are thousands, if not millions, of people in both USA and Canada who exhibit the same behaviour, many of whom  help form the government of each country. Should we paint all of the citizens of theses countries with the same brush?
Adding more memory is made so easy on an imac that even I can do it, especially the new ones.
And a cup holder !!!!! /s
......" but I think putting effort into making water animate on a mapping app borders on insanity "..... Obviously your understanding of what Insanity means is quite different than mine. Animated ripples in a water image may be wasted on you and I, but others may be overly impressed and, let's face it, Apple is in the business of trying to sell to everyone, not just to you and me. I remember a few years ago when a friend of mine was showing me his new Honda Odyssey and you...
Vancouver, BC is under two million and has had flyover for well over a year now. Check again.
"National budgets" do not "work" at all, and the proof of that is the ever increasing mound of debt and the lunacy of devaluing a country's currency through the relentless printing of "money". To think otherwise suggests to me that you must be a member of the "financial industry" that is still trying to use "alchemy" to turn "worthless pieces of paper" into gold.  
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