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I could not agree more ... in fact, I would say, that is usually the case.
While technically correct, for the purposes of this discussion, anything that is not hardware can  be called services. When Apple first suggested building their own retail chain of stores, the industry thought they were nuts ... a store to sell 6 or 7 different products ???.. Really ?? ... but the art of selling is, in itself, like performing a service. Some companies are lousy at it, Apple is excellent at it ... that's my point.
"services are not exactly Apple's strong suit"  ?? .. Really ??  Is there another retail chain making more money per sq. ft. than Apple, that has representation worldwide? That's a pretty good "strong suit".  How about another music, movie and TV retailer selling the amount that iTunes does, or another App Store on desktop or one on mobile ? ... These are all pretty good examples of Apple's "strong suit" .. imho. I have a theory about why we, as a group, seem all to eager...
 I agree, Apple makes 30% on it's iTunes and app store. If Sammy or any of the other dumb phone manufacturers made this kind of percentage on it's revenues, wall street would be all over them ... and that 30% is AFTER they pay the developers, don'tcha' know. Trust me, Apple is doing OK. Just because Wall Street like to sell "ice to Eskimos" and are masters at "spin for the good of Wall Street" at the expense of the "investors", none of this has any bearing on how Apple...
Maybe that's why those "other, lesser companies" are just that .... lesser. Apple's strength is remaining true to it's philosophy, not trying to please everyone, all of the time, on everything. Apple did not get to the lofty heights where it finds itself at today by not knowing what its doing.
I just wanted to say that I hope everyone here on AI has the most Happy, Healthy and Successful New Year possible .... and here's to Apple for continuing to amaze and delight us in ways that we could never even imagine. Now, if only "my ship would come in" so I could get that new Mac Pro that I absolutely want and desire, but sadly, cannot justify nor afford ... but hey, that's what dreams are for, right? Happy New Year, everyone (even the trolls).        
Yes, especially Onyx. I have been waiting since the beginning of the App Store to see Onyx there. I don't like to do any financial transactions online  (call me paranoid, I don't mind)... but make an exception for iTunes and Appstore, and nothing would please me more than to be able to buy Onyx at Apple App Store .... yes I know it's a free download but I have used it in the past and think it's a terrific app and worthwhile buying ... would love for Apple to have something...
So Why don't they ???
Well, that's one of my three examples of your taking things too literally (in a post "taking a shot" at Counstable Odo) explained, or not .... care to have a go at the other two?
The only thing I disagree with you on your first point is the "short term" .... Wall Street can be stupid in the long term as well. However, remember "Wall Street" is made up of small investors as well as institutional investors and, for the most part, the institutional investor is more well versed in playing the "stock market game", and to forget that it is, indeed, a game is to do so at your own peril, .... and I'd be more than willing to bet that the people who are...
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