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Just curious, how long have you owned Apple stock?
Customers "celebrate" Apple's (today) profits because that means they will have the necessary funds to do more (future) innovation, without having to create debt, the way so many other "wise"  companies do. A solid foundation of profit goes a long way to ensuring a solid future ..... something too many "investors/gamblers" and, yes, sometimes trolls, eagerly forget.
Penis envy !    
So what are you waiting for?  Click on the supplied link (the blue text "according to") in the story.
I hear you ... I have the same problem in my home ... I can't find anything, unless I know what I'm looking for. Go figure.   
As with most other companies, Apple's "entry level" computer is not expected to be equal to it's "flagship model". Both models serve their market niche well, I think. If one buys a mac mini, expecting it to perform as well as a top line iMac, costing more, then I would have to say that that consumer has a lot to learn about smart spending.   
Very true ... and something else I learned from experience is that the most valuable form of advertisement is "word of mouth" coming from customers who bought and use a particular product .... and Apple has that "in spades". That's why I admire the efforts of Tim Cook so much. He has the amazing focus and ability to "separate the wheat from the chaff" and to just keep on building the world's most valuable company, while ignoring all the drivel that comes from the competition.
See, this is what I don't understand. Is the computer in your life the only thing you tinker with? Do you repair or upgrade your TV,  refrigerator, car, etc.. etc.? You may very well like to, and be capable of, maintaining your computer .... good on you, but I, and many, many more people would rather spend our time using, not fixing our computers .... even when we are able to do so. People complain about Apple computers being difficult to maintain but I never see that same...
They all want a piece of the Apple Pie .... see what having a lot of cash does for them. It attracts everyone between Carl Icahn and the mafia .... and everyone in between.    
Money = power .... therefore capitalism begat "crony capitalism"  .... that is, unless you truly believe that the government actually "makes the rules."  In the beginning, perhaps capitalism in it's purest form, was a "good idea"...... and maybe Communism, in it's purest form,  (from each, according to his ability, to each, according to his need.) ...was a "good idea".  My point is that, greed, which has been, and always will be a part of human nature, (albeit by varying...
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