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Well, that's one of my three examples of your taking things too literally (in a post "taking a shot" at Counstable Odo) explained, or not .... care to have a go at the other two?
The only thing I disagree with you on your first point is the "short term" .... Wall Street can be stupid in the long term as well. However, remember "Wall Street" is made up of small investors as well as institutional investors and, for the most part, the institutional investor is more well versed in playing the "stock market game", and to forget that it is, indeed, a game is to do so at your own peril, .... and I'd be more than willing to bet that the people who are...
 Anantksundarum, ... Taking everything you read literally does not always lead to a conducive outcome.  For example: “There is no such thing as an "Apple" investor” .... No? What else would you call anyone who owns one or more shares in Apple ... A Samsung investor?  You say: “Everyone is also simultaneously invested in lots of other assets” .... I say: Not necessarily, maybe I rent and don’t have any another investments, just 10,000 shares of Apple. You say: “the premise...
Just curious, how long have you owned Apple stock?
Customers "celebrate" Apple's (today) profits because that means they will have the necessary funds to do more (future) innovation, without having to create debt, the way so many other "wise"  companies do. A solid foundation of profit goes a long way to ensuring a solid future ..... something too many "investors/gamblers" and, yes, sometimes trolls, eagerly forget.
Penis envy !    
So what are you waiting for?  Click on the supplied link (the blue text "according to") in the story.
I hear you ... I have the same problem in my home ... I can't find anything, unless I know what I'm looking for. Go figure.   
As with most other companies, Apple's "entry level" computer is not expected to be equal to it's "flagship model". Both models serve their market niche well, I think. If one buys a mac mini, expecting it to perform as well as a top line iMac, costing more, then I would have to say that that consumer has a lot to learn about smart spending.   
Very true ... and something else I learned from experience is that the most valuable form of advertisement is "word of mouth" coming from customers who bought and use a particular product .... and Apple has that "in spades". That's why I admire the efforts of Tim Cook so much. He has the amazing focus and ability to "separate the wheat from the chaff" and to just keep on building the world's most valuable company, while ignoring all the drivel that comes from the competition.
New Posts  All Forums: