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Apparently, you don't have much experience with Apple because the iTunes Music Store has given away a free song every week now for years, The selections are different in Canada than the US but are free. Over the years I have been introduced to and collected 100s of songs that I would never have done any other way. Yes, and it has led me to purchase some (not all) of those artist's music.   It seems to me that this is going to be the same sort of things for the IOS App...
 Absorbent ??? Perhaps you meant to say exorbitant, as in excessive ?
Nah, That's his wallet.
Dick, As much as I usually agree with you, on this issue ... not so much. When iTunes became available for windows, it was to sell Apple devices, but those devices were only used to play music, for the most part. Even so, iTunes on a Windows device is not the same high quality user experience that it is on an iPod. That lesser experience, which is usually due to the lesser quality of the device, sometimes leaves a bad impression on a user about Apple ... because Apple...
(in my best "Elvis voice") .... Thank you, thank you very much.
It's been said before ..... we have the best legal system that money can buy (and often does).
I think the reason for the comments made by the judge is actually good for Apple. To me it's a last attempt to get Apple to settle out of court by "indicating" they will lose. Apple is not biting on this one .... good on them. At worst, if Apple loses...  (they won't) ... there are the grounds for an appeal.
"The Sun Times is willing to take a chance, however, and believes that with the proper training, reporters can gather images at 'a quality high enough' to publish." A quality high enough ...... yep, that says it all about newspapers nowadays. Why make it better, this is "good enough". And they wonder why they're losing their customer base daily. Pathetic.
 The big difference, however, is that in Vegas the $2.00 gambler doesn't get to sit at the same table with the guys that are betting $20,000.00 and up per hand. With fund managers managing millions of dollars from all of us $2.00 gamblers, we don't get much of a say, particular when you consider that all share transactions generate a commission for someone, win or lose. This is clearly a case of too much control in too few hands and until that ability is dampened the stock...
New Posts  All Forums: