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 Can someone please explain to me  (like I'm a 5 year old)  how yahoo/flickr can offer 1 Terabyte (1000 GB) to anyone for free, but Apple has to charge, what I think are, exorbitant prices.  What's missing here?  I don't get it. There has to be some logical explanation, but I just don't see it.     
I'll never be that guy. I'm a Canadian, I only wear hats with ear flaps. After "seriously" considering Huffington Post, USA Today, BBC, etc etc I'll stick to my usual suspects. I am surprised 'tho, you left out the National Enquirer".
By whom, the same people who claimed weapons of mass destruction were located "over there" in large numbers to start a war?......or maybe by the same "hired" doctors that still claim that smoking does not cause cancer? Believe what you want, I guess, but don't be afraid to use critical thinking for fear of having to change your mind. That's how we learn.
Being rational is not the same as cherry picking.......however, ignoring facts that don't jive with your opinion could, in some circles, be considered as ignorance......kinda like screaming "commie" to distract away from said ignorance.
They already are, bit by bit, but a complete turnaround won't happen overnight. Like they say, you can't eat an elephant all at once.
Nor do the "civilized" North American corporations / governments who are largely responsible for slow change re: the huge pile of plastic free floating in our oceans, or the water that can be ignited coming from some taps due to fracking. When it comes to polluting our world none of us have clean hands. As Mom would always say: People who live in glass houses, shouldn't throw stones.
It took me a moment to "get" the humour. You'd think the sarcasm tag would have done it for me, but you'd be wrong  (I need more coffee). In any case.....good post.   
 A "true" delusional fantasy would be believing that the government is actually run by the President and "other elected officials" ...instead of the financial / pentagon bunch that the (General and) former President Eisenhower warned us about in his last speech as President.
According to current US tax laws, Apple pay the required amount of all taxes. If the government can't / won't change the laws to satisfy your version of "paying their dues", who are you to decide what they should pay?  Being jealous of someone else's money stockpile is not a reason to assume their guilty of something .. that's just "intellectually wrong".    And God knows, we have enough of that going around.
 You say:   "You're still implying that something being legal means the government wants you to do it".  I don't know if I can be any more clear than that. ..... The words "my responsibility" I thought would have done it for you. Originally Posted by Marvin"They certainly don't overtax people who can't afford it. And it's not governments that believe they are entitled to the money, it's other people. It's people who are too old or too sick to work, who are fighting in...
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