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You should do plenty of research on wireless headsets first, imo. I have had two different types and the problem is that they don't block TV speakers while you're using them, which means that everyone can hear what you're listening to, whether they want to or not. Hardwired headsets cut off the TV speakers so no one but you can hear the TV ... ideal for late night watching while everyone is in bed. Because of my hearing problems I need both, wireless for watching in a...
Joe, you really didn't think Rogifan would do some actual research before making his/her comment (5 minutes after you made your original post) did you ?  Of course he could have spent a week to "research" it and the comment would have been the same. I think 'his is not to wonder why, his is just to post or die'.....(with apologies to Alfred, Lord Tennyson.)
Am I the only one who uses the "clear  history and website data" button after almost every session ?  To me, that's just using the tools they supply to "keep safe". What's the big deal over this anyway?
I will comment on just a few things. Just like "happy" couples don't get a divorce, happy employees don't invite unions into their workplace. Too many people have short memories when it comes to unions. I had the luxury of having been on both sides of this coin. As well as having owned and operated a small business for the last 35 years, I spent 14 years in a union job, funnily enough, driving a trolley bus in Vancouver, which, I imagine to be comparable to the bus drivers...
 Can someone please explain to me  (like I'm a 5 year old)  how yahoo/flickr can offer 1 Terabyte (1000 GB) to anyone for free, but Apple has to charge, what I think are, exorbitant prices.  What's missing here?  I don't get it. There has to be some logical explanation, but I just don't see it.     
I'll never be that guy. I'm a Canadian, I only wear hats with ear flaps. After "seriously" considering Huffington Post, USA Today, BBC, etc etc I'll stick to my usual suspects. I am surprised 'tho, you left out the National Enquirer".
By whom, the same people who claimed weapons of mass destruction were located "over there" in large numbers to start a war?......or maybe by the same "hired" doctors that still claim that smoking does not cause cancer? Believe what you want, I guess, but don't be afraid to use critical thinking for fear of having to change your mind. That's how we learn.
Being rational is not the same as cherry picking.......however, ignoring facts that don't jive with your opinion could, in some circles, be considered as ignorance......kinda like screaming "commie" to distract away from said ignorance.
They already are, bit by bit, but a complete turnaround won't happen overnight. Like they say, you can't eat an elephant all at once.
Nor do the "civilized" North American corporations / governments who are largely responsible for slow change re: the huge pile of plastic free floating in our oceans, or the water that can be ignited coming from some taps due to fracking. When it comes to polluting our world none of us have clean hands. As Mom would always say: People who live in glass houses, shouldn't throw stones.
New Posts  All Forums: