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It took me a moment to "get" the humour. You'd think the sarcasm tag would have done it for me, but you'd be wrong  (I need more coffee). In any case.....good post.   
 A "true" delusional fantasy would be believing that the government is actually run by the President and "other elected officials" ...instead of the financial / pentagon bunch that the (General and) former President Eisenhower warned us about in his last speech as President.
According to current US tax laws, Apple pay the required amount of all taxes. If the government can't / won't change the laws to satisfy your version of "paying their dues", who are you to decide what they should pay?  Being jealous of someone else's money stockpile is not a reason to assume their guilty of something .. that's just "intellectually wrong".    And God knows, we have enough of that going around.
 You say:   "You're still implying that something being legal means the government wants you to do it".  I don't know if I can be any more clear than that. ..... The words "my responsibility" I thought would have done it for you. Originally Posted by Marvin"They certainly don't overtax people who can't afford it. And it's not governments that believe they are entitled to the money, it's other people. It's people who are too old or too sick to work, who are fighting in...
 Marvin, as I mentioned in post #118, (directly above yours), “Responsibility” would have been a better choice than “duty”. It’s interesting that you use the UK government, or any government’s thoughts on this matter because, as you may know, it sometimes seems most governments falsely believe that they’re “entitled” to everything we own. Like I’m fond of saying: The deeper my pockets get, the longer the arms of government get. In my opinion, until the taxman shows me he’s...
  Intellectually dishonest? Really? Seems to me that something is either dishonest or it isn't ... must be a lawyer. I do, however, admit that "responsibility" might be a better fit than "duty". My bad. .... and why is it selfish to obey the tax laws to save the maximum amount "legally? allowed? I imagine that you, as well as others who are complaining here, don't refuse tax credits so you could pay more taxes ..... or would you consider that to be intellectually dishonest...
 Tax avoidance is completely legal and is, in fact, one's duty. Tax evasion, on the other hand, is, most likely the term you were searching for, no?
I'd be all for that, on one condition, that being,  if the government wants to control Apple spending....Apple should be allowed to control government spending. That's fair. It's not like the government is exercising any control or anything. /s   
People don't buy cars at the same rate that they purchase everything else, plus the Auto companies are not known as being "forward thinking". CarPlay will become bigger eventually but, as for now, there are bigger fish to fry.
Finally, someone who, not only "gets it", but can articulate their ideas well. Good post, Marvin. 
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