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Kind of like you and your posts ? ....got it.
There is always a plateau for someone with zero imagination which, judging from the banality of most of your posts, would seem to describe you perfectly. Might be time for a new shtick. Just sayin'.  
His past would seem to indicate he might just "enjoy a cigar" on your behalf.  
I don't think Apple will be hurt too bad by not taking your "advice" .....they seem to be doing all right as far as making money goes. You, on the other hand ........?
Here's the problem I have with Mr. Icahn. His past history is littered with companies that he "took an interest in" that are no longer with us. Carl is fond of saying things like: "for the good of All Shareholders",  but he sits there with over 50 million shares of Apple and, like the saying goes:  All men are created equal....but some are more "equal" than others.    Carl Icahn cares a whole lot more about himself than he does about anyone else, don't kid yourself. His...
 A stockbroker typically makes money on both the selling or buying of a stock....that's why one has to be aware of the "churn rate" of a "managed" portfolio. The transaction itself almost always creates profit for someone.  
 "Retirement is depressing for most people with active minds"............and no money to spend satisfying it. There. Fixed it for you.   
I'm sorry Marvin. You have a point, but I don't share your willingness to try and explain the "responsibilities" of the media....whose mantra is :  If it bleeds, it leads. That alone tells me everything I need to know about how "responsible" the news media is.
I was going to "rag on you" for not having a sense of humour but after reading more comments on this thread I've changed my mind. You're not alone. I think the problem is, like one poster has suggested, that no images of Justin and/or Fallon are used, so many people will not associate them with this commercial. Their voices are very similar, to me at least.....but then my hearing is only 64.56% as good as it used to be.  Had I not known in advance who was in the video, I...
Not everyone has the same type of humour. Not everyone "gets British humour". That fact doesn't make it less funny, just not funny to those individuals .... kind of like "beauty is in the eye of the beholder".
New Posts  All Forums: