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You're right about everyone else printing currencies, but it would appear that the government of the day in the US had a very reckless and panicked fed chairman ... not a good situation at all.This is a quote from Ben Bernanke, who served two terms as chairmanof the Federal Reserve, the central bank of the United States from 2006 to 2014...... "Like gold, U.S. dollars have value only to the extent that they are strictly limited in supply. But the U.S. government has a...
That's in all probability because you, like millions of others, look at the increased price of an item as having gone up, when in fact, the value of the dollar has gone down. There is one "economic law" that has been in place for years, the law that says when demand is greater than supply, prices go up and when supply is greater than demand, prices fall. Money is a commodity and as such it follows that same law. Create more dollars and the value of each one is reduced.
First of all, think about how much the value of the dollar has been eroded over the last 10 years ....thanks to the reckless overprinting of the money supply. Secondly, take the time to compare the success and level of compensation between the financial sector and the Apple execs. If you want to find "obscene compensation" the financial industry wins this title, hands down. I find it "interesting" to note that, in almost every instance, the people who were most to blame...
" 'Tis the season to be jolly" ..... or ..... "Now we don our gay apparel" .....never heard your particular "mashup" before. As a "traditionalist", I give it 1 star for "it's the thought that counts" ....but that's it.
Would you rather be the one person in the world to own the dorkiest headphones ever ?  Would that express enough individuality for you ?
Kind of like you and your posts ? ....got it.
There is always a plateau for someone with zero imagination which, judging from the banality of most of your posts, would seem to describe you perfectly. Might be time for a new shtick. Just sayin'.  
His past would seem to indicate he might just "enjoy a cigar" on your behalf.  
I don't think Apple will be hurt too bad by not taking your "advice" .....they seem to be doing all right as far as making money goes. You, on the other hand ........?
Here's the problem I have with Mr. Icahn. His past history is littered with companies that he "took an interest in" that are no longer with us. Carl is fond of saying things like: "for the good of All Shareholders",  but he sits there with over 50 million shares of Apple and, like the saying goes:  All men are created equal....but some are more "equal" than others.    Carl Icahn cares a whole lot more about himself than he does about anyone else, don't kid yourself. His...
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