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To paraphrase Phil Schiller ..... tearing down others is easy, building one's self up is hard.
Why all the hate? It’s simple. Apple, in all the surveys I’ve seen, have been and continue to lead in the two most important metrics of all, i.e. ....profitability and usage. One indicates the financial health of the company and the other is the only “real” way to determine the happiness of the customer, that is, how often/much do the customer actually use their device. In fact, sometimes it seems that Apple is so far out in front it would appear as if they are the only...
Maybe, but according to my wife, faster is never better.    
Check out the "worlds most realistic finger painting" of Morgan Freeman by artist Kyle Lambert ... I think you might change your mind. http://www.kylelambert.co.uk/gallery/morgan-freeman/
Is that because none of the "side effects" of STDs consist of headaches?  
The simple, and most likely explanation, is that celebs usually make a lot of money, and people with money don't buy "cheap" .... they buy value. Remember ... Cost is what you spend. Value is what you get ... and there's a huge difference. Both of my daughters have an iPhone, and I can flat out guarantee you that neither one is "rich", but they both work hard for their money and they don't like to waste it on junk.
Perhaps Google likes to "think outside of the box" .... but Apple prefers to release finished product that ARE outside of the box ... and sell amazingly well, thank you very much.
Well, Elon does have style, energy and enthusiasm, but so far, has only (recently) produced a profit once in 10 years, and that required other auto manufacturers to subsidize him, along with millions of taxpayers in California. That's known as "all hat, no cattle". Tim's record is more enviable. http://www.forbes.com/sites/patrickmichaels/2013/05/27/if-tesla-would-stop-selling-cars-wed-all-save-some-money/Apple has the leading product in most, if not all, of the...
I couldn't agree more. Institutional shareholding is a perfect example of my favourite "law of human nature". "Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely". The ability of fewer people to trade massive shares is what provides the "opportunity" for manipulation to flourish. In my opinion, this latest trend is just another way to "scare" the share price of Apple downward. Mark my words, when the price gets significantly lower, the institutional percentage will grow...
Finally! A shining beacon of understanding amongst the masses of dark misunderstanding.  
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