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It's early for me and I've only had one cup of coffee, so I might be wrong, but the article has Google Drive at this:  "That same $100 per year would buy twice the space -- 100 gigabytes -- from Dropbox or Box.com and a whopping 10 terabytes from Google Drive". .... but the graph says this :  1TB for 119.88. Coloured me confused.   
        See what I mean? 🌻
No, not at all, but I'm of the opinion that it is better to keep a closed mouth and be thought a fool, than to open it and be proven one.
Competence is in the eye of the beholder. Name one other company with the "built in demand" for info, thus keeping people interested in Apple. PR is, by nature of the job, run very differently than any other segment of a company. One should never expect the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth from the PR arm of any company. That is not the mandate of PR. To think otherwise is to show a complete misunderstanding of what PR is. Everyone should just STFU and wish...
The  "Microsoft throwing Apple a lifeline by launching MS Office for the Mac" bit happened as much for MS as it did for Apple. That was necessary to wrap up a settlement in the on going  lawsuit re: ms copy of Apple software....and also, MS got shares for their 150 million "investment in Apple that, if they had kept them , would be worth over 1 Billion $$$ today. Some "lifeline".
Some people keep saying that yet, no one ever attempts to bring some real info, as opposed to just anecdotal personal experience (which may or not be true) to the table. Activity monitor tells me a different story about iTunes. The best quote from the whole "beats deal" was this, from Jimmy Iovine":  "See, in the record business, you can show someone your song, and they don’t copy it. In the tech business, you show somebody your idea, and they steal it." Me thinks things...
Waiting for WWDC so they'll "have new ammunition". /s
Maybe it's just a case of others recognizing Google Glass for being the crap it is.
 Any company can introduce crap, unfinished product, pie in the sky products that don't have a hope in hell of succeeding. That's a sure sign of a leaderless company that has no clear vision, nor a clear path to the future, and tries to "baffle them with bullshit". The thing is.....Apple doesn't "do bullshit". Plain and simple. End of story. That philosophy has worked exceedingly well to date, and if it ain't broke, don't fix it. There are dozens of "market reports"...
In my opinion, it's not just that Samsung copies that make them an evil company, it's the total reputation they've received over the years, the TOTAL copying of iPhone, for instance, the different companies they've ripped off (Pioneer and others). Do yourself a favour and read this Vanity Fair article. If you read this and still don't mind "supporting" Samsung, I can't help you. For me, the decision to never knowingly buy anything from Samsung was easy. I could never hope...
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