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One:  Show me a "non Apple" computer that exceeds the design of the latest iMac, and don't forget that a lot of the "other guys" are "following" the all in one design that Apple does.  Two:  Is there any other entry level desktop that offers what the mac mini does, especially when you consider free iMovie, iPhoto, Garageband, Pages, Numbers, Keynote and Mavericks OS,  ....all of which are updated for free, plus another dozen or so, that I can remember, anyway.
I see your point. The thing is, as you say, most people don't do that, and I think it's for a good reason. Let's say, for instance, that most people's needs/wants are met with an iPhone, an iPad and a laptop/desktop computer. That's 3 items that, in terms of a change in technology, probably should be "updated" every 3 years or so, if you want to stay relatively current with "computer capability", no? So, do you change all 3 in 1 year, at great cost and wait 2 years to...
If it ain't broke .... don't fix it!  
 So which "non Apple" desktop is better than the current iMac?
Do car manufacturers release different models every quarter? TVs? Refrigerators? Anything of any consequence? Companies like Samsung do it because they are going after market share, rather than profit share, and they live to the creed of: "If you have nothing of "value" to show them ..... baffle them with bullshit...and often.  Apple has it right, imo, and that is demonstrated by it's tremendous growth that is the envy of most all other companies. Have patience,...
News of a blogger who seemingly "switches sides" is not uncommon lately. Witness Florian Mueller's more recent blogs, for example. The thing that I find "interesting" is how it seems to be happening at a quicker pace since it was revealed that Samsung (and presumably others) were actually paying people to blog favourably toward them and unfavourably  towards Apple. Coincidence?  Maybe, but I think this issue will be one we learn a lot more about in the very near future. It...
This sounds like Google's version of:  "Honest, it's not you, it's me.  😌
Doing something immoral just because you can is still immoral. Are you willing to cheapen your character over the price of a few books ?  If so, then  one must assume you don't think much of yourself ... and that is truly sad. Apple does not, repeat, does not, get to decide what has DRM and what does not. That decision is made by the people who own the publishing rights to the content. Apple only gets to decide what content they are willing to licence and use. Please stop...
There, fixed that for you.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. .... Different strokes for different folks. ..... Need more ?
What would you call a poster who visits a website called "AppleInsider" and complains about positive opinions about Apple ? 1. Stupid ? .. 2. Confused ? ..3. a Troll ? .. 4. All the above ?  I'm picking door # 4, for the win, Alec.
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