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I agree ... this "report" doesn't pass the smell test. The first sentence in their "report" :   Out of curiosity, OptoFidelity test patrol engineers wanted to see what differences in performance our untouchable robot systems could find between iPhone 5 S and iPhone C and would that difference guide consumer to pick right version.  Out of curiosity ???   Give me a break ... and they were just as "curious", I suppose, to "test"it against Galaxy S3 .... how "convenient".  I...
As an investor, you're no doubt aware of the phrase ... don't put all of your eggs in one basket. Icahn wants Apple to "invest in itself"  .... Bullshit ! ... What Icahn wants is Apple to invest in Icahn, period. Apple is already buying back shares in a well thought out and logical plan with minimal risk to its "cash hoard".  It makes more sense for Apple to use that cash to invest in itself by continuing to do what they do best.  Innovate, design and market the very best...
Barbarians at the Gate ?    
I was in 7th heaven yesterday when I heard them say you could update directly from SL (which I'm running) to Mavericks ... but my euphoria, sadly, lasted only a brief few minutes when it was "revealed" that it only downloaded to 2007 and later machines. If I had only waited 6 -8 more weeks in late '06 ... "I could'a been a contender"  ... I know how you feel, Marlon. sign me "still stuck in 32 bit mode".  sigh!     
 12 a.m. (or midnight, if you prefer) is the beginning of the day, and 12 p.m. is noon. Think of the 2400 hour clock where 0100 is 1 a.m. and 1300 is 1 p.m.    
 You have Sergey Brin mixed up with Eric (the mole) Schmidt ... Brin was one of the Google founders, but Schmidt was on Apple's board. 
 I don't think that he only wanted 1% ... I seem to recall that he did say that the cellphone market was so huge that if they only got 1% that that would still be a big deal. However, it's been awhile since I watched the whole demo, so I might be mistaken. In any case, that presentation was the best sales presentation of any product/service I have ever seen. Every word, every pause, every slide  was exactly the right way to do it. Reading about how many hours of practise...
 ......  "Clearly powering a screen almost 6in at a higher resolution is going to require more energy than one using 4in for something like browsing". ....  You "missed" (unintentionally, I'm sure) a very important point, 'tho ... a 6in screen device is certainly going to have a larger battery and other components (4 core x 2 core, maybe) than a 4in device .... but the Apple 5s still outperforms them. Now that's impressive. 
Wow, just wow!  Suddenly "everyone seems to know" what Apple should be charging for their phones ... see now .. I have always used the kiss method in making these kind of strategic decisions. Keep It Simple Stupid!  Since the beginning of time there is only one sure way to figure out the "proper" price for anything .... supply and demand. When supply is larger than demand, prices fall ... when demand is larger than supply .... prices raise. It's a self managed system .......
 Wow! Sounds like you're a great Dad too .... kinda wish you were my Dad, but then again, seeing as how I'll soon be 72, that might not be such a good idea after all. Congrats on adding to the "Apple Army".    
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