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What would you call a poster who visits a website called "AppleInsider" and complains about positive opinions about Apple ? 1. Stupid ? .. 2. Confused ? ..3. a Troll ? .. 4. All the above ?  I'm picking door # 4, for the win, Alec.
Another great Sunday read by Daniel. Good job. ...... The two best lines in the whole article are:   "The way Apple plays its cards has allowed it to win hand after hand in virtually every game it chooses to play, despite the outrage and contempt voiced over its style by analysts and pundits who would prefer Apple played like all the market losers have." ........ and this: "Clearly, Apple is paying more attention to its own internal data on what buyers want than the...
As opposed to what .....no loyalty at all ?
Very true....too bad he can't "think" of any.  
A decent survey would show "when" and how much wages have increased. Would that be enough to satisfy you ?
I think it's more a case of trying to protect company "secrets".  A company, like Apple or Google, has more to lose on "lost info" than it does on paid wages.
Exactly ! Two things:  Show me a survey of tech wages 15 years ago and one that shows what they are today. I'll "eat my shirt" if they're not substantially higher today. Two:  Employees who are more valuable "find a way" to earn that value on their own. If they're sitting on their ass waiting for "opportunity to come a knocking".... they're not all that valuable as they might think they are, This is just another bunch, in a long line, of greedy assholes that have let...
So "it's a strong start" if 12 million people download an app to see if it will actually open ? ...hmmmm.....ok, but I think a better way to determine a strong start would/will be if 12 million people actually "pay for a subscription" ....we'll see, I guess.
Maybe it's just me but how do you "test" software that only allows you to read a document ....but not do any of the things that the software supposedly does???  
It shows many types of computers, Apple is just one of many ....it's completely fair.....unlike the slavish copying of Samsung.
New Posts  All Forums: