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This article is not worthy to be on the front page.  Neither of these people deserve any attention and both give technical enthusiasts a bad name.
It's not artificial, at least not how you think it is.   Apple is careful not to tool-up for high volumes that never occur.  It's not building Zunes that won't sell.  Apple's chinese suppliers are fact-acting and fast reacting and so is Apple.  With any product, Apple has to assume some amount of initial inventory and some minimum risk in production volume capability.  Once the initial orders and reviews are in, they constantly measure demand for a given future time perio...
I'd like to see the profits from the computer divisions for the top five of companies. Where is apple? Number one I bet.
I'd pony up $100 for a 4k copy of Eps4-6 all original.   Ironically, George's haste to shoot Eps 2 & 3 all digital will leave us with lower resolution than the classics.  There just aren't any extra pixels to scan!
I already own these on laserdisk, DVD, and blu-Ray. Not spending $120 to see them again unless they are in theaters.
You seldom see articles like this for non-apple products. Most other vendors just seem to rush stuff out the door to beat apple to market. Maybe this is why apple succeeds where others fail?
Cars are made up of hundreds of tiny systems.  Apple could be approaching it from the 70s AMC perspective: Style it, add features, use commodity parts for the rest.  Most people don't care about brakes, wheels, engines, etc.  They just want a car that is cool, has great features, and gets when where they want to go. Self-Driving cars will come, but auto-manufacturers are really tied up with everything else and blinded by their own experience to change the fundamental...
I expected battery replacement. I don't expect apple to upgrade the watch every year. I think it will be more like and iPod: it will always do what is could do when sold. I also expect price drops instead of updates. This product looks priced to make money at low volumes. If the volumes go up, apple might just drop the price every year until a new model comes out (every 2-3 years, maybe).
We should still build our own internet. With blackjack and hookers!
These are the tablets pre-loaded with malware, right? Eeyup.
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