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I was highly interested in the FLIR when it was announced, but balked when it came out a few months before the iPhone 6 and 6+ as I was ready to upgrade.   Why does the Seek say it is for iPhone 5 and 5S? Wouldn't it work with any iPhone with a lightning port?   Edit: Nevermind.  The Seek website says it is compatible with iPhone 5, 5S, 6, 6+, and iPod Touch 5th Generation.
Apple creates components like the A8 and A8X to separate itself from the pack.  It already lived in a world where it used common components and found itself out-cheapened by competition.  Instead, it develops a product that the competition can't match at any price, while apple reaps the profits of the ecosystem it 100% developed in-house.      I think Apples has learned some great lessons over the 40 years.  Don't develop a product with a partner whose end game is to...
Others may disagree, but Apple pretty much fucked up big time on the text message and iMessage thing when swapping/selling your iPhone.
It took IBM to legitimize the PC to the industry in the early 80s.  It might take IBM to do the same for the iPad today.  I know our office clings to MS Office with a grip as tight as death.  It would be nice if Apple could somehow use IBM to get Numbers, Keynote, and Pages into the office to replace Office.     Now, I just need a replacement for crappy MS Project.
No apparent WiFi issues with my Early-2011 MBP i7.  Pulled 29MBps from a supposed 25MBps Comcast connection.  My late-2013 iMac is hard-wired to my Airport Extreme 802.11n router, so it's unknown if there is a problem there.
I think  I think he mean to type never in the red.
Good thing he fixed those typos.  If Steve said the wrong to, too, or two, or red instead of read (not reed), it could have been a disaster. /s
Laptops are for pros. iPads are for consumers. But there's no reason Apple can't close the gap and appeal to buyers in between. iWork apps will be better on a 12.2" iPad. They are ready to go pro. And there are plenty of other really creative iPad apps that would be even better on a big screen. My only concern is that Apple is spreading itself too thin across the iPad line. 3 sizes? Do we need three? Time will tell.
Carriers are really just like any utility.  Once should be able to switch without buying new hardware, sims, etc.
The best part about Apple Pay is that you don't have to pull up and app beforehand.  Tap and touch and go.     Anything more is too much trouble and will fail in comparison.  Customers will make the choice and they will choose Apple Pay.
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