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I'm just going to say what most everyone is likely thinking. Screw your stupid thunderbolt connector, your stupid expensive technology that mostly no one uses, that is going to change connectors yet again and then likely be bested or "good enough"ed by USB4. Stop wasting your time developing a standard that no one wants to implement. Better sucks if it costs too much or just isn't available. Ahhhhhhh. Now. How's that FireWire 1600 or 3200 coming along?
Face recognition plus finger print would be good.  Whatever they use, it should be quick and easy to use.
If Apple comes out with two new sizes and keeps the 5C phone as the third, then users can choose phone size, high technology, or low price, but not any combination of the two.  Complainers gotta complain.   I won't  complain either way.  Bigger would be nice.  However, if the phone gets too big, I may have to go back to using my iPod for workouts as a huge phone is not appealing.  I'd love a larger phone for my browsing, though.  Super thin, too.
I don't think Jobs was referring to any kind of actual wand.  He was likely using it metaphorically.
Without a carrier, who is going to pretend to try to sell them?
I just realized Apple may not sell its own 4k display until all macs can support it.
Perhaps, Apple had plenty of iPad2 screens left to use up before it switched to the iPad4 for the base model?   I would have expected the iPad4 to be the base iPad when the Air launched, but my guess is that my above assumption delayed that switch.  Apple made plenty of money in the meantime.
I've had 4 previous iPhones and I think a bigger screen would be great. I use mine for browsing more than anything. One handed operation, schmone-schmanded-schmoperation! Make it bigger!!!
If someone would just release an app that bricks all the Android phones instead of spying or stealing a little money, it truly could be a "nuclear option".
Mavericks is a god-awful OS.  It's like Apple learned nothing from the previous releases.  They broke more things than they introduced.  Total garbage.     I just had the magic file-delete bug.  I was transferring a file from one machine to another, stopped it on the one, and ALL of the user settings on the target Mac got deleted.     I've been using Macs since OS9.  Mavericks sucks.
New Posts  All Forums: