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Apple is selling more than one computer for every two Dells.     I remember  less than 2% market share in 1997 and 1998.   Now, at 7.6%, they are not selling almost 4x as many computers, but probably 15-20x as the market has grown.  How many billions of dollars does Apple make from Macs?  A lot.  It's revenue (not profit, mind you) is third behind iPads and iPhones.    
Pricey! And I thought he iPad pro was expensive compared to a MacBook Air.
Target better be stepping up their display game.  The one by me was a crap-fest for the Apple products.
Sounds like Apple is eating Tag's lunch.
It's good to see Sorkin do the right thing.  His a big man for it.     As for Cook, he knew Jobs personally and Jobs was his friend.  He's a little biased about anything said about Steve.  He could just as easily apologize for the comment using the version that isn't really an apology.  "I'm sorry I offended you," and "I'm sorry what I said was taken in a negative manner."  It's like saying you're sorry someone is a jerk.     Or he could be honestly sorry about the...
More like Oscar-Whining writer.
Now I see how it works. Instead of downloading the full app, which contains the resources and code for an iPad, iPhone 5/5S, iPhone 6 and 6 , iCloud holds back those resources so only the ones needed are downloaded to the phone.
Someone please delete all the useless and off-topic comments above. Rhabdo is a terrible thing. Often misdiagnosed until terrible damage is done, the watch didn't save his life. His paying attention to the data from the watch and acting on it saved his life. But he couldn't have done it as easie without the watch. Rhabdo is a terrible thing that can destroy muscles and render one unable to walk and never recover. The watch could easily have set off warnings due to...
Still running office 2008 on my Mac. Updates and Internet access disabled. Works the same as it did in 2008. Paid like $80. It's office apps, not a browser.
Nope. They seem worse than ever. Popups are not in their own windows, but are overlays. Some are timed and cannot be dismissed. It blows.
New Posts  All Forums: