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> The code becomes stored in a separate ROM on the logic board, which would allow the attack to remain even if the user were to install OS X or put in an entirely new hard drive. How does something new get stored in ROM? ROM.
I have only this to say: Monop-Sony. That is all.
I wonder what kind of contract Apple has with its suppliers and warehouses regarding theft.   Based on the contract for the GTAT Sapphire supplier, it's probably something like Apple is not responsible for payment of product until they are delivered to Apple, Apple Stores, or resellers.
A few years from now, Tim cook will go on stage saying "We have been running OSX on iPads inside Apple for the last five years" and will introduce the first ARM-based Mac that runs Intel-Mac programs and the universal app will be born again as an iPad/OSX cross-over (and remind us they did the same from PPC to Intel in 2005).
Early 2011 2.0GHz i7 MBP here.  I have two (wife).  Both bought as refurbs in late 2011.     Only occasionally do I get a yellow-tint at a certain tilt of the display.  No major problems... yet.   Upgraded to a fusion SSD and maxed out the ram, but it's mostly a websurfer and emailing machine.  Little hard work (rendering or video).     I want it to last another two years as I really don't use it to its maximum.     I understand completely how the lead-free solder...
Don't bring a bag, I guess.
Either John Legere knows something many don't or he is simply going on the assumption that Apple doesn't tend to release new products in new categories without doing something others haven't.  He's wise not to simply dismiss Apple.  
Anybody got the coordinates via google maps of this barn, to put its location in perspective with the new campus?
Usually, low oil prices are good for the US economy.  Now that it's a major gasoline exporter, the rules have changed a little bit.  Apple will see some reductions due to exchange rates, but the US-side will likely jump up as consumers will spend that gas money on other things (possibly iPhones, etc.).  Any projections as to what will happen are really guesses, by anyone.  If economists really knew what was going to happen, they'd all be millionaires.  In the end, it's...
There was no contract required when it was $599. I bought one. That was the cash price out the door.
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