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If only the housing of the next iPhone could be dropped without leaving nasty marks.  My iPhone 5 is all scratched up on the edges and the bottom from trying to insert the damn lightning connector.  Anodizing doesn't make aluminum hard enough.  Cover the whole damn phone in sapphire!
Possibility of the new lineup?   iPhone6 Air: 5.5" (A8) iPhone6: 4.7" (A7) iPhone 6c: 4" (A6)   Large Medium Small   Fast Kinda Fast Not Very Fast
Mentally, $805 seems huge, but $115 does not.  In the end, they are the same, but not. This is the road to a pre-split $1000 stock price, if you ask me.
Bottom line: Apple wouldn't use (or invest in) liquid metal unless it allowed them to design something that cannot be done now. That means they won't use it unless it gives them a weight, strength, cost, or process advantage over plastic, aluminum, etc. Apple fans don't care about materials and it don't think Jonny Ive does either. But Jonny cares about his designs and many things he's designed require special advances in materials, process, etc. If he wants it razor...
What's next? Outing Phil Schiller as overweight?
The weather channel iphone app is a horrendous useless mess. I downgraded it and banned myself from ever updating it. Now, they've probably ruined the iPad version. Not updating.
While I see many features missing from this iMac that enthusiasts would like, I see this as a great opportunity for Apple to increase its margin on iMacs.  1.4GHz with 2.7GHz boost should be decent for a while for the average consumer.  The 500GB HDD should be fine for the average consumer.  The non-upgradeable ram is fine for the average consumer.   If this raises margins and the stock goes up, that will be good for the stockholder (I'm one of those).   Every Apple...
External devices do not regulate or limit current. They can limit voltage. Current limiting is a function of the receiving device of a charging current. Unless, of course, the device is so poorly designed that it requires impedance-matched devices to work properly without damage. Hence, apple's warning about incompatible devices.
There has to be more to the iWatch than just health tracking. Apple would not likely sell millions of these things if it was just that. There may be a lot of fat and obese people in the world who NEED a device like this, but they won't buy it just for that. What's the killer app for the iWatch? It has to be convenience or a new feature we didn't know we couldn't live without. THIS is the true secrecy of the iWatch.
The new iPad mini mini?
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