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I believe you have to activate both as received FIRST and then you can switch the SIMs afterwards.
Never be afraid to cannibalize your own sales with a new product. If you don't do it, someone else will.The iPhone usurped the iPod. The iPad has better margins than a macbook. I'm sure there are more.
It does seem like the first gen is the quickest that stops getting updates and is just the "let's get this done and out the door" no matter how revolutionary it is. The first iPhone was great, but the big improvement came with the 3G for data speed. The iPad 1 was dropped so fast by Apple. I don't think it got more than one iOS update. The iPad 2 is still supported after 3 years. The first power PC Mac. Ugh. Slower than the previous 680x0 Mac because of the lack of...
Buggers got me spending $100 more for the 6 Plus 64gb model (when I would have paid $100 more for the 32gb model anyway). So, it's working.
Considering my wife will be working and I will be out of town when my Iphone is supposed to arrive, I believe I will select this option.  Hopefully, they will hold it for the 1-2 days longer before I can get there!
Yeah, I wouldn't give gorilla glass any press, either, use it or not.
CC companies couldn't give a rat's ass about security because the losses still are not greater than the costs of implementing something better. They don't care about anyone's personal credit or balance. All they care about is money. This is good ve by Apple. It may be just the beginning of a move to safer electronic payments, but it's better than the crap system in the USA. I just hope that they have an easy way to select cards or payment options. I don't put...
They still "sell" those? I hadn't heard anything about it since it launched.
And people complain that Apple has too much in the bank overseas, etc. It's exactly THIS that having over $100 billion in cash allows one to do: buy up and guarantee shipping for your products. Not to mention, building sapphire manufacturing plants, or making huge investments into new technology instead of waiting for someone else to develop it. Apple leverages it's massive cash hoard to enable it to do things less-profitable companies can't. Countdown to sept 9th....
I have a mockup of the iPhone 6 5.5" and it is huge. It is bigger than the galaxy s5. It is thin as can be. It's an iPad nano. Hell, yes! I am getting one! I'll keep my old iPhone 5 if I want a small phone for working out , but I want that big display for all surfing and webbing. Who makes calls anyway?
New Posts  All Forums: