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Oh... My... GLOB, there's a new iPhone coming out this fall?!?!?   Who cares about the design of internal parts.  We want specs (like the 12MP camera info).  Specs are leaks, internal parts, PCBs, and pieces are not.  The sum total is more than the parts when it comes to iPhones.
Second-hand smartphone components? Sounds like iPhones made from replacement parts. Should work like a real iPhone. But how does it work with cellular providers? How could they authenticate thenOS?
All these benchmarks and stats are great and the iPhone has always been a leader. In the end, I just want a phone that doesn't have a lag or delay for basic tasks. Buttery smooth and I'm happy.
The confederate flag in a game isn't promoting slavery. It's just displaying their iconography. However, remove it and relegate it to museums. It's not necessary.
Flyover is a gimmick with no real value or usefulness. Improve road mapping and traffic, Apple.
We hear about this every year. It sounds like things are just taking too long, but no one else has anything with more potential.
People are so stupid.
I want os9.
I'd like to see all the classic oses run under OS X, especially snow leopard. I can run any apps on my watch. It has less pixels than a 20mhz Mac from 1991.
Why? Because is not good enough. How about letting us run any classic OS?
New Posts  All Forums: