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I put an SSD in my 2011 MBP and 16GB ram and it's plenty fine for me. Basic internet and document creation use is all it's used for. If you want better performance, the fusion drive is the way to go. While the Retina MBPs all have had it from day one, some of us prefer more space.
I got mine, but haven't installed. All backed up and ready to do so.
This is the best theory I've heard yet. If they just call it iPod nano, they won't show their hand with any new trademarks.
I call shenanigans on this rumor. Apple would not partner with anyone on the "next big thing". They want it all. Tight control of hardware and software is what makes Apple so profitable. Why let someone else make 30-40% margin on a $250-400 device when they can?
It seems none of the above have ever worked retail.
If only the housing of the next iPhone could be dropped without leaving nasty marks.  My iPhone 5 is all scratched up on the edges and the bottom from trying to insert the damn lightning connector.  Anodizing doesn't make aluminum hard enough.  Cover the whole damn phone in sapphire!
Possibility of the new lineup?   iPhone6 Air: 5.5" (A8) iPhone6: 4.7" (A7) iPhone 6c: 4" (A6)   Large Medium Small   Fast Kinda Fast Not Very Fast
Mentally, $805 seems huge, but $115 does not.  In the end, they are the same, but not. This is the road to a pre-split $1000 stock price, if you ask me.
Bottom line: Apple wouldn't use (or invest in) liquid metal unless it allowed them to design something that cannot be done now. That means they won't use it unless it gives them a weight, strength, cost, or process advantage over plastic, aluminum, etc. Apple fans don't care about materials and it don't think Jonny Ive does either. But Jonny cares about his designs and many things he's designed require special advances in materials, process, etc. If he wants it razor...
What's next? Outing Phil Schiller as overweight?
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