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Clearly, this GTAT "investment" was a gamble that both Apple and GTAT lost.  Apple was trying to "motivate" a third party to develop a technology for a future Apple product.  If Apple gets its money back in 5 years (without interest), it's only lost the interest and some time.  It was a risk and both companies lost.  
I liked one track. I never complain about free music.
I'm telling you my experience, not everyone's. iOS8 currently is not as good as it could have been and a disappointing release from Apple. It freezes on on my iPhone 6+. Ios7 never did that on my iPhone 5. Neither did ios6. And I'm not comparing it to early releases of 6 or 7. I'm comparing it to the last one. I guess I should waste two hours of my life restoring. Hopefully, iOS8.1 will improve things, especially safari.
No. He's right.  iOS 8.0 and 8.0.1 were a disaster.  8.0.2 isn't that great either.  I'm not updating my iPad air until 8.1 or not at all.  iOS8 sucks balls.  It's unstable and buggy.  It's broken many things and made iOS crappy to use.  If you disagree, fine, but I'm using it and I do not find that "it just works".   It's not a good update and will probably take a few more months for Apple to get it to be as decent as iOS7 was.    I liked IOS6 and it was rock solid.  New...
I can't see apple releasing a new 4" phone in the near future, but trends could mean a smaller phone than 4.7 could come later. I think the 6+ may end up being an aberration, but only sales and time will tell. Much like the 17" MBP, It could be a temporary thing. Making calls is only one feature of an iPhone, and, for me, the least used. Instead, it is mostly a portable computer and internet access device. I dreamed of this years ago. Today, it is reality.
Apple is going to be selling these phones for the next two to three years. This bending BS will be long forgotten in 1-2 weeks.
I've never been happier I didn't upgrade. iPhone 5 running 7.something.
I believe you have to activate both as received FIRST and then you can switch the SIMs afterwards.
Never be afraid to cannibalize your own sales with a new product. If you don't do it, someone else will.The iPhone usurped the iPod. The iPad has better margins than a macbook. I'm sure there are more.
It does seem like the first gen is the quickest that stops getting updates and is just the "let's get this done and out the door" no matter how revolutionary it is. The first iPhone was great, but the big improvement came with the 3G for data speed. The iPad 1 was dropped so fast by Apple. I don't think it got more than one iOS update. The iPad 2 is still supported after 3 years. The first power PC Mac. Ugh. Slower than the previous 680x0 Mac because of the lack of...
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