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They won't stop.  They'll say they did, but they won't.   They've never EVER caught or prevented anything with it.  They think they will and that the terrorists will literally start planning on June 1st because of this so they won't stop.   You can't prove they aren't doing it anyway.
That's because you may not be actively using any of them. You get to choose which one to answer.It's no different than having multiple landline phones in your house. They all ring.
The diagnostic port is 6 pins.  Lightning is 8 on each side.  Maybe there are two pins it doesn't use/need.
More than likely, Apple's TV was killed by the Comcasts, TWCs, and other media companies that would not release the programming to them at a reasonable price.  Without available shows, no TV will survive.  
I previously wanted a 17" MBP. Decided it was too thick and heavy for portable use. I looked at the 15" rMBP, but it's still pretty heavy. Thought about the 13" rMPb, but I'm afraid the physical screen size may be too limiting. Good weight, though. I love the 12" MacBook weight, but it's just too small and no faster than my 2011 15" MBP. So I guess I want a razor thin, super light, 15-17" Retina or non-retina MBAir. Big but light. Either big screen and/or retina. ...
Swiss Obi Wan should be sensing a great disturbance in the force, as if millions of watches have cried out in terror and then suddenly silenced.
Of course, AT&T's definition of "congested" is "two or more phones". I should crank up my data. I've been running unlimited since 2009. Got throttled for the first time when I got my iPhone 6+.
Apple will find it hard to block charging through the port if there is no DRM like the Lightning port. That men's they won't be able to block battery straps. In other words, they can't stop it. So let people risk their money. Why does everyone have to get their panties in a bunch about it?
Will be ordering soon. Might as well get something cool.
Damnit! I should have never had a watch tattooed on my wrist!!
New Posts  All Forums: