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It's a $5 piece of plastic connected to Apple's $29 cable.  Using Apple-math, that adds up $79 retail.  I hope it adds to Apple's stock price.   Considering no one sells copy-cat Apple Watch changing cables, it's probably a reasonable deal for a very stylish item.  
If anyone thinks this doesn't mean that apples Ax platform will not result in one that can run OSX, they are missing the point. Great. I get it. iOS and OS X will not converge. However, if the A9X is faster than a MacBook, than a version of the A10 or A11 absolutely will result in a Mac running it with OS X and apps optimized for it (iWork). Apple will not continue to pay for Intel chips if its own are faster. It's a profit margin thing.
Answer: iPhone is eating iPad sales.  Apple is cannibalizing itself... and growing because of it.   The iPad pro is enough to get me to start thinking about upgrading my iPad Air (1).  I want a bigger iPad or a thinner laptop, but not both.  I think I can make it work since I still have my iMac.
Improve the software for the first one. I may never buy another Apple Watch again if this one isn't better.
This isnt an Apple problem. This is a racism problem. It's not unique to Apple, but humans.
Obviously, Apple is trying to find a cheaperand simpler way to improve water resistance without an expensive, messy production process of applying a coating and letting it dry, etc.
I would have NEVER updated from 8.4.X to 9.anything if I knew it was going to make my perfectly running iPhone 6 Plus a sh*t-fest lag and interface artifacts and overall crap.  It was iOS7 all over again.   Please, Apple, for the love of god, PLEASE, restore the silk that was the interface on my phone with 9.2!   
Apple and Tesla could turn the car industry on its head. However, if anyone was looking to spend tens of billions, starting a car company is one way to do it.
Apple needs to increase this dividend to $2/share. They can afford it.
Well, at least they can sell the phones in England.
New Posts  All Forums: