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Usually, low oil prices are good for the US economy.  Now that it's a major gasoline exporter, the rules have changed a little bit.  Apple will see some reductions due to exchange rates, but the US-side will likely jump up as consumers will spend that gas money on other things (possibly iPhones, etc.).  Any projections as to what will happen are really guesses, by anyone.  If economists really knew what was going to happen, they'd all be millionaires.  In the end, it's...
There was no contract required when it was $599. I bought one. That was the cash price out the door.
I'm curious as to Apple's defense to this whole thing.  Are they arguing they had to do it for this reason or that?    Wouldn't it be more convincing to say they they had no obligation to support other systems' or services' DRM and that they could do whatever they wanted to their own product and service because it's their own?     The anti-trust discussion doesn't seem to hold up regardless of why Apple did what they did.  They DIDN'T have a monopoly.  They WEREN'T the...
I'd really like to see Apple put these processors to work with a special app that does something no other phone can, that isn't a gimmick, and that suddenly no one can live without.     Otherwise, it's like every iPhone out there is still just being used to do the same crap every other phone can do: email, twitter, FB, etc.  
I wouldn't think so, either, but that won't stop the lawyers from trying.  
Not my iPad Air!  Still on 7.x.x (don't really know, don't really care).
Please don't screw it up so we have to reboot it in another 20 or 30 years...     Looks like I have to free up 88 seconds on Friday.
IDC is so full of crap. Nuff said.
I was highly interested in the FLIR when it was announced, but balked when it came out a few months before the iPhone 6 and 6+ as I was ready to upgrade.   Why does the Seek say it is for iPhone 5 and 5S? Wouldn't it work with any iPhone with a lightning port?   Edit: Nevermind.  The Seek website says it is compatible with iPhone 5, 5S, 6, 6+, and iPod Touch 5th Generation.
Apple creates components like the A8 and A8X to separate itself from the pack.  It already lived in a world where it used common components and found itself out-cheapened by competition.  Instead, it develops a product that the competition can't match at any price, while apple reaps the profits of the ecosystem it 100% developed in-house.      I think Apples has learned some great lessons over the 40 years.  Don't develop a product with a partner whose end game is to...
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