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If you've been paying attention the last few years, apple stock has not taken a precipitous dive after a major announcement. I don't expect it to this year, either. I'm up 40% on my last purchase. It's freakin' awesome!
"Siri, pay the man." I like it, but I want to be able to do it with my watch, and not the phone, and I want fingerprint confirmation. So, huge iWatch better have fingerprint recognition built into the face or something.
The A7 is a powerful chip, so we are told.  The A8 will be more powerful.  The 12" iPad, could come with an A9.  Who knows was iOS10 will be capable of in another year.  Dismissing it now is short-sighted.  Apple doesn't release products for niche markets.  They create markets that didn't exist.   I still think Apple is working towards an ARM-Based notebook of some kind, whether it runs OSX or iOS is yet to be seen.
Messenger is basically spyware. I deleted it. F#ck FB's message service.
THere sure are a hell of a lot of "quotes" in that article. Last minute design tweaks for production are not uncommon and nothing new. Nothing to see here. Move along. Move along.
The ios8 integration of Yosemite should help sell more macs.
Gruber's comment is nothing more revealing than the general buzz that Apple is going to release or announce some kind of wrist device "sometime next month" or "this fall" or whatever. We all think something is coming. If it doesn't come exactly as predicted before the next prediction, it doesn't mean anything either. So a big fat MEH from me until Apple actually announces it.
And if you thought helicopter parents were bad, this will give us parents that can't go 1 second without checking on their baby's status bringing in an era of super-p&ssy parents raising super-p#ssy children that can't take a step for fear they may hurt themselves.   Big Brother will be nothing compared to Big Parents who now know everything about their child for every moment.  Not all will be this way, but now the door is opened.   It's not all bad.  Maybe some...
An iPhone is never late. It arrives exactly when Apple intends it to. Sapphire or not, iPhone 6 5.5" all the way for me. Wife is likely getting the 4.7" and I'm keeping an iPhone5 as a backup.
These commercials and the links to the apps are great. There are so many things the iPhone can do as a tool that it's more than just a phone or a portable internet device. I have a cheap eight dollar 60x microscope add-on for my iPhone5. I amazed people at work with the pictures it took.
New Posts  All Forums: