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Cars are made up of hundreds of tiny systems.  Apple could be approaching it from the 70s AMC perspective: Style it, add features, use commodity parts for the rest.  Most people don't care about brakes, wheels, engines, etc.  They just want a car that is cool, has great features, and gets when where they want to go. Self-Driving cars will come, but auto-manufacturers are really tied up with everything else and blinded by their own experience to change the fundamental...
I expected battery replacement. I don't expect apple to upgrade the watch every year. I think it will be more like and iPod: it will always do what is could do when sold. I also expect price drops instead of updates. This product looks priced to make money at low volumes. If the volumes go up, apple might just drop the price every year until a new model comes out (every 2-3 years, maybe).
We should still build our own internet. With blackjack and hookers!
These are the tablets pre-loaded with malware, right? Eeyup.
I have my doubts.  Apple's billions would be consumed in no time.  Something doesn't seem right.   Apple's margins are too big for them to build a car.  They can't sell a car at 40% margin.  I would cost $100,000 like a Tesla.   How is building an electric car "changing the world"?
Wow.  Even totally unsubstantiated rumors Apple is building gets everyone shaking in their boots, commenting about how Apple can't do it, etc.  Recent history has shown that to be unwise.   I personally believe Apple will not and is not looking into building a car (why waste the billions?).  However, they do "think different" and that's what people forget.
Street mapping likelihood: 98% Self-Driving Car likelihood: 0.5% Electric Car Development/Research: 0.5% Something related to iPhones and Cars: 1%   Combine it with hiring A123 battery engineers: Street mapping likelihood: 97% Self-Driving Car likelihood: 2% Electric Car Development/Research: 1% Something related to iPhones and Cars: 1%   Apple already uses li-ion batteries in everything but its desktops, so the battery rumors change nothing.
I worked for A123 and I do vaguely remember in 2010 or 2011 getting an email for a potential Apple-tunity.  Not wanting to relocate, I turned it down.
I want both.  I want to drive my 66 Lincoln convertible in the summer, but daily to and from work: f**k that noise.  Let me sleep longer or do something while I'm on my way to work without the hassle of traffic and driving. No more drunk drivers.  No more old people pressing the wrong pedal.  It has to happen.  
Autonomous are absolutely the future. The distant future, but the future nonetheless.Driverless cars will absolutely change the world. Imagine paying to use a car by the mile instead of owning one? Call for a call using your iPhone or app. It shows up, maybe dropping someone off at the same time. You get in, it takes you home. It then goes and picks up and old couple to go shopping. It then goes to fuel up. Etc. public transportation would be solved by millions...
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