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The iPhone feature set is far less than you believe, and as I stated earlier, I'm not forwarding my personal or business e-mail through anyone's server just to make up for Apple's deficiencies.You get e-mail delivered promptly to your iPhone without the standard 15-minute polling lag because you forward it to MobileMe for the supposed IMAP IDLE support of the iPhone. If IMAP IDLE really worked on the iPhone, Mac OS X Server would deliver e-mail to the iPhone without...
Play much Farmville?
You've described how e-mail operates, when hosted on a Mac OS X e-mail server using SSL. The Push Notification Service is supposed to push notification of messages to the client, so the iPhone doesn't have to poll the server. Without push, a new message might not be known about on the iPhone for up to 15 minutes, because 15 minutes is the minimum poll period. (Apple originally provided a minimum 5 minute poll time but later opted for conserving battery life over letting...
Apple may seem more trustworthy than the others, but I will not trust my business communications to any of them.
Sorry, MobileMe and gmail are stoppers when privacy is concerned. No corporation in their right mind would use these systems.Mac OS X Server even has what's called Push Notification Service, and it's a complete waste of time.
Too bad Apple can't get push e-mail working between Mac OS X Server systems and the iPhone!
This Apple support article from June 2010 explains it: http://support.apple.com/kb/ts2377 My MBP was repaired (motherboard replaced) this summer for free under this Apple program, even though my AppleCare warranty had expired.
Nope, you are wrong. All of the new product introductions are in response to changing market conditions. Without external market forces, Apple had little motivation to make any changes.
Actually, you're wrong. History shows Apple is just like any vendor. They will continue selling the same model as long as they can get away with it. Market conditions dictate when a change occurs.The Kindle is coming to Best Buy. Is it just a coincidence the iPad is, too?
Maybe it would slow down, if not for efforts like that described. Apple seems to not like to introduce updated models more often than every 9-12 months. Expanding to BestBuy helps stave off the need to introduce the iPad with camera in order to maintain a satisfactory sales pace.
New Posts  All Forums: