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Yes, this is some good news. The data it reports is minimal compared to past implementations, however, in that the tower being used isn't identified. With the new implementation, the signal can vary when the phone silently switches towers, not having anything to do with changes in the surrounding environment.
Uh, maybe you or I can't, but in principal, a car design and a dress design can be patented.
500 grams is still a ton (figuratively speaking).
$500M should be good for a couple more Gates-Seinfeld commercials. That comedy team is a riot!
If it comes to it, that would be the top 20% of the market, with the rest racing to the bottom.
Why fix it, when it's just not an interesting problem?
Hopefully it remains immortalized in the Library of Congress.
Yield strength is one measurement. What about the density--how does the density of the Liquidmetal alloy compare with that of Titanium alloy? I'd like to see the ratio of yield strength to density.
Too many variables to say what's actually occurring. #1. This is a self-reporting survey, which is an highly unreliable and inaccurate method for data collection. #2. Everybody knows they should encase their iPhone 4, but no such admonishments have been made for the 3GS. #3. The iPhone 4 may have newer cellular electronics that might offer better performance than the 3GS, independent of the touchy antenna. #4. AT&T may have tweaked their network to favor the...
Any dictator with decent technical advisors would know that blocking RIM's communications won't do a thing to stop people from communicating using alternate secure methods over the Internet, even with Blackberrys. Anybody who suggested that blocking RIM was going to be at all helpful while leaving the rest of the Internet intact, ought to have their head cut off.
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