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OT: anybody else notice how amazon.com shifts its home page up a fraction of an inch after loading? Click in the search box too soon and you're treated to a full-page kindle advertisement instead. I see this in safari. Adblock seems to be required.
I've been attacked for pointing out that the typical savings afforded by Apple's charger is about 25 cents per year for many consumers, assuming they leave the charger plugged in the whole time. Fact. Must have caught you and some others by surprise that 300 mW isn't much power at all, particularly compared to other ways people could be saving energy. I would guess Apple expects some people to equate mW with mA. If we were talking 300 mA, then that translates to some...
OMG. Your reaction to my calling out Apple for the overhyping of an incredibly meager feature is absolutely pitiful. You could be directing your energy somewhere else far more productive, except of course you've got a lot to lose with AAPL.
How would you know?I understand you have a bias to promote the Apple party line, even when it's of laughable significance.Don't look all ignorant now. It's all about money.I understand more than you. Apple's charger isn't worth writing home about. If you want to do something for the environment, buy rechargeable batteries to power your environmentally destructive computer components and look for other, far more significant ways to conserve energy.
I see you bought into the hype--as usual.How much energy has been expended in hyping this incredible energy saving feature?That's if.The 50 cent savings is over 10 years. 5 cents per year. In many parts of the U.S., electrical power costs less than half the conservative figure I used. That makes at least the near-term savings closer to 2 cents per year or 25 cents over 10 years.You do understand the difference between a watt and a milliwatt, don't you?The real benefits to...
At a conservatively over-priced $0.20 per kilowatt-hour, 315 milliwatts over 10 years will cost $5.50. Compare that to the Apple charger's 30 milliwatts over 10 years costing $0.50. That's a whopping $5 savings--total over 10 years.
This was news to me. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Low_sel...e_NiMH_battery
Even with Photoshop at their disposal, I'd think RIM could make the display look better than that. Yuck!
Is this different than Google?
How does this R&D structure affect Apple's ability to make products for and support the enterprise?
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