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Bravo! You do a stupendous shuck-and-jive, but it's really unnecessary...Field Test Mode isn't as complexicated as you suggest. Bring back Field Test Mode, so even nudnik fanboys can show all of us whiners how we were so terribly wrong to complain about iPhone 4 signal attenuation.Except that wouldn't happen. Field Test Mode would expose the performance of the iPhone 4 antenna and expose Apple's tactics. Ergo Apple will not bring back Field Test Mode. Perhaps someone will...
Especially because Apple didn't post for comparison a video of the signal drop when merely touching the iPhone 4 antenna gap--no stranglehold required.Apple: if you have any integrity, bring back Field Test Mode.
0.55% was measured over precisely what period of time? How many people realized this is a hardware issue and didn't bother to call AppleCare? How many people read Apple's hold-different response? How many people expected the problem to be resolved in 4.0.1?
Talk about broken records. Touch of a finger is all that's necessary--it's just that subtle--compared to other phones that require something that actually looks like a death grip. You Apple shareholders are so defensive. Get over it. If Apple hasn't anything to hide, then join the call to have Field Test Mode restored in the next iOS update. Wimps.
Yes, aside from Apple's honesty and forthrightness, the real issue is the magnitude of the signal attenuation, which is unchanged in iOS 4.0.1, because it's a hardware/design problem. The iPhone 4 is perhaps worst in class for attenuation, and it is more of an issue because a mere touch of a finger is all that's required.
Yeah, we're back to the bars displayed under iPhone OS 2.1 and earlier. Apple was criticized upon release of 2.2 in the summer of '08 for having artificially increased the number of bars to make AT&T's coverage look better. So much for Apple's now being "stunned" by a bars "bug".
Likewise, most people viewing these videos don't know the iPhone 4 has a more serious problem of just being touched in that one spot to cause attenuation that is perhaps the worst of the bunch.That would seem to be the case for some of the media, but not nearly all. Almost all of the media have echoed Apple's claims that the problem isn't unique to the iPhone 4. So what's the big deal with the media, other than their actually not probing Apple for more relevant details?If...
Apple is trying to hide the severity of the iPhone 4 problem by omitting Field Test Mode from iOS 4. FTM would allow anyone anywhere any time to assess signal attenuation quantitatively (not just bars), just as FTM does on all previous versions of the iPhone OS running on all previous iPhone models.
In strategy games and magic, it's called "misdirection". Thanks for posting the link to the fickle finger of death video. Apple seems happy to post videos of the competition, but nothing of the iPhone 4.
Yeah, nobody gives a damn. That's why Apple keeps posting more ridiculous videos of the competition, doesn't post one of its own, and removed Field Test Mode from iOS 4.
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