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All this grab-assing of competing phones is tiresome. Apple, please post a video showing the signal drop when the antenna gap on the iPhone 4 is just lightly touched with a pinky finger.
Somebody seems a bit touchy on this subject. The wave-particle duality may also seem contradictory. This isn't quantum mechanics we're discussing though.
Whether you consider it to be an invention or not, it matters not one iota whether the technology looks like an "invention" today. This patent was filed more than 2 years ago. The patent examiner needs to consider what existed at the time of filing, not what exists today.Apple filed its patent application for "multitouch on a capacitive display" in 2004, 2-1/2 years before the iPhone was unveiled and a year or more before Google bought Android.
Yup, there's only one way for Windows to go, and Ballmer has been pretty good at taking them there.
This patent is more about broadening the company's reach into areas where it would otherwise be unprofitable or impractical for anyone to do business, like public kiosks. By the way, Google's revenue is pretty much all about ads, you know. It's beyond me why you would think Goople would be a better option, when the company already has its tentacles into so much of what we do.
It appears the ad-supported approach is optional, doesn't it? I don't see this idea affecting traditional Mac users at all. It's more for public kiosks and cheapskates.
Uh, it appears this idea was hatched before Google even dreamed of Chrome OS. Apple filed for the patent in April 2008. Google announced Chrome OS 15 months later, in July 2009. That's about the right amount of time for Eric Schmidt to report back his insider information to Goople HQ and for the company to produce a minimalistic Chrome OS demo.
Most other phones, including previous iPhone models, do need a death grip to seriously attenuate signal. In contrast, the iPhone 4 needs but a loving touch on its g-spot. If the situation wasn't so bad, Apple would have retained Field Test Mode in iOS 4.
Stop the rationalizing. Demand Apple bring back Field Test Mode in the next iOS 4 update. http://www.wpsantennas.com/pdf/testm...dTestModes.pdf
Nasty is as nasty does, and Apple is being so very nasty these days. Removing Field Test Mode is part of it. If 99% of users don't need it, why did Apple include FTM in every previous version of iPhone OS?The average user actually does need FTM, because everyone wants the best for their money. FTM helps people discover what's best, even if the knowledge comes indirectly from others who know how to use FTM. FTM costs Apple next to nothing to include. Field Test Mode in iOS4...
New Posts  All Forums: