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Ah, but how was the phone being held?
Okay, name an app that provides the raw signal strength information that Field Test Mode does in every version of iPhone OS previous to iOS 4 and in competing Android OS phones.You're right, from Apple's perspective, the "average user" no longer needs this information, because it would expose the iPhone 4's extreme signal attenuation behavior to a wide audience--beyond the AnandTech and Consumer Reports labs and into the hands of anyone anywhere any time. I'm confident...
Looks like the boys have a lot of fun with those facilities. All we consumers need for our own testing is to have Field Test Mode restored in the next iOS 4 update.
No, Snell probably wasn't quoting literally, as he was probably just trying to get things out quickly without missing anything important. That's why I qualified the quote as having come through Snell. I interpret everything that comes directly from Apple very carefully. I appreciate your clarification.As someone else here noted, AppleCare isn't really a place that comes to my mind to call about design flaws. I went to an Apple store, spoke with a manager about the problem,...
Eliminating Field Test Mode from iOS 4 was part of the strategy.
As quoted by Jason Snell, the 0.55% figure of AppleCare calls with an "antenna issue" applies to "all iPhone customers", not just iPhone 4 customers. The figure also omits AppleCare calls about reception or anything near.
I guess the engineers just decided on their own to eliminate Field Test Mode from iOS 4, without telling top management.
Whoopi Goldberg thought her one dropped call was significant.If enough dropped calls are observed, even a 0.1% rise is significant.
Jobs stated (all via Jason Snell): "We knew that if you gripped it in a certain way, the bars were going to go down a bit, like every smartphone. And we didn't think it would be a big problem." A big enough problem, though, that Apple eliminated Field Test Mode from iOS 4, to make it difficult to find out how big a problem it is. Sincerely, thanks for the free bumper, though. I'll be using it.
The iPhone 4 antenna is only best in class when it's not being held "wrong"--the reviewers have made that clear, but fanboys/shareholders have a hard time reading that text.Perhaps more people are dissatisfied with the iPhone 4 antenna than all E71s sold.All of the remaining iPhone 4 customers may have the antenna problem but just don't know it yet, or they will always keep the phone in an extra-cost case and will never know.
New Posts  All Forums: