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Pity Apple removed Field Test Mode from iOS 4, or everyone could run similar tests on the iPhone 4, just as they can on previous iPhone models running any previous version of iOS.Note how the testers make a point of cupping the antenna of each phone in order to achieve maximum attenuation effect. Such drastic measures aren't at all necessary with the iPhone 4; a light touch at the antenna gap is all that's required to kill signal with the iPhone 4.The Nokia E71 was...
Still no Field Test Mode in 4.0.1. Surprise, surprise.
Don't you know, a conspiracy requires more than one party? Of course you're free to try to paint commenters here anyway you'd like. Good luck with that and thanks for playing.
Apple's prior-to-release knowledge of the issue is consistent with producing for the first time its own iPhone case (bumpers) and omitting Field Test Mode from iOS 4.
My iP4 is working great, since I fixed the SIM card earlier today. No bumper required now. The bars don't budge when held wrong. Everyone else with the problem should look into it.
Hah! Apple is so good manipulating the press that I presume Apple said they were "stunned" because that would cause the press and public to associate a change to the bars software with fixing the antenna issue, even though Apple said nothing of the sort.
Tentatively I am saying the signal attenuation problem is fixed for my iPhone 4. If Apple had maintained Field Test Mode in iOS 4, I'd know better if--or just how well--the situation has improved. After reading these reports: http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=955742 http://www.iphonehacks.com/2010/06/s...on-issues.html http://www.theregister.co.uk/2010/07/13/iphone4_sim/ I examined how my SIM rests in its holder. It definitely has its electrical contacts...
Apple never said anything of the sort. You just thought they did--and Apple hoped you'd come to that unfounded conclusion--because Apple reported they were "stunned" by a bars display bug just after people started to report a whacky signal attenuation problem with the iPhone 4. Apple never said a software fix for the bars was going to fix the signal attenuation problem.As for this being a problem that Apple says goes all the way back to the original iPhone, if you google a...
It seems potentially 100% of owners could be affected, but consider what fraction of owners at any given point in time are experiencing a failure due to the antenna design--and not just any failure but a failure that actually matters?Roughly speaking, it would be the fraction of users who do not currently have their iP4 enclosed in a case, who are holding it in a manner that bridges the antenna gap, who are presently in a location of low-moderate signal strength, who...
Oh, please don't let it require a recall.
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