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I see an easy cheap shot in this story having to do with a giant hopper for recalled iPhone 4s. I sincerely hope a recall is not necessary and not in the cards.
To come clean on the issue, of course. Apple is an upstanding company and deals fairly with its customers, right? Field Test Mode has been available in every version of iPhone OS (iOS) until 4.0 and allowed the convenient display of AT&T signal strength as measured by the phone itself. So let's see it restored. More and more people will eventually get to the bottom of the matter, as they have already begun to do so with AnandTech and now CR. The sooner Apple addresses it,...
3) the signal attenuation from touching the antenna gap applies to both receiving and transmitting, and the iPhone transmitter is unable to overcome this attenuation.Apple never claimed the attenuation problem was due to software calibration/bars displayed.Demand Apple bring back Field Test Mode in the next iOS 4 update.
Egan: "[Apple] surely have a s/w issue", but on what scientific basis? Without access to the software, this is pure fantasy. Egan: "I have not seen CR’s claim directly that the finger effect reduces the iPhones sensitivity by 20db as reported elsewhere, but unless CR connected to a functional point inside the iPhone that number is fantasy" Stop the fantacizing. Demand Apple bring back Field Test Mode in the next iOS 4 update.
Waste of time. It's much better if Apple merely behaves responsibly.
Demand Apple bring back Field Test Mode in the next iOS 4 update.
I'm all for Apple making a success of the iPhone 4. However, if Apple does nothing and merely let's "demand for the product speak for itself", then I will be very disappointed in the company when law suits are the only way to get the problem addressed.
Not ironic. First, it suggests just how important CR believes the antenna issue to be and how poor the competition is--because no others are seen to be recommended either. Second, CR isn't advising against buying the iPhone 4, except in the sense that customers should wait until Apple adequately resolves the antenna issue. The headlines are that CR can't recommend the iPhone 4, not that CR recommends against the iPhone 4.Really? Someone wrote that? How completely lame of...
Hmm... that would constitute 2 changes of opinion, but I count only one change of any sort from CR. CR went from praising but not issuing a recommendation of the iPhone 4, to praising and explicitly saying they can not recommend the iPhone 4. Maybe they will eventually recommend the iPhone 4 after further testing or after Apple provides an adequate (in CR's opinion) response.Somebody said they didn't?
Yes, all cell phones exhibit signal attenuation to some degree depending on how they're held. The iPhone 4 exhibits it to an extreme, when held naturally.If the signal is strong enough, it won't be completely suppressed by the death grip. Apple never claimed that fixing the "stunning" bars software issue will fix the signal attenuation problem of the iPhone 4.
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