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it's scary how "disscusions" are led in here. posting "realy real intel" to prove this and that. the truth is: most of what we read or hear is biased in some way or another. based on information from people who again are biased. i recommend looking up different sources of intel, to think (and not just blindly follow on side or another) and deside for yourself what is true. most of the time you will find the truth is somewhere...
yes, you can't eat the laptop - that's true. but it gives the kid (parents, village) the ability to get information and comunicate. if the kids don't get good education - they are gonna follow their parents and stay poor. give them a chance to get work and one day their parents don't have to take them out of school to work for a penny any more. imho make porn on it? why not! maybe it would do something about aids down there...
hmmm... 62 views and no replies this can mean: #1 too many spelling errors #2 nobody cares about building up the 3. world #3 everbody thinks the idea is so cool there is no need to talk about #4 i'm dead and don't know it mods? shut this sucker down!
in 2002 i heard about the "one laptop per child"-project nic negroponte started. the goal was to develop a low-cost laptop for kids in the 3. world. well... it seems they did it! it dosn't cost 100$ like they had in mind... but i think it's great! specialy the "give one get one" program is pretty cool. what do you think?
dead pixels are always black. stuck pixels are... em... stuck in one color
i dropped my: -cellphone -expectations in mankind
yeah. same stall tactic as allways
the battery isn't covered by the apple care protection plan (read the fine print).
ah yeah? check this out!
does your ride have a automatic choke? how does the engine sound (normal or "coughing")? wild guess: -messed up choke -floater stuck in carb
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