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Its not too bad, look it up at http://www.owcomputing.com They generally have decent prices.
X11 works well, it is still in beta testing you can go download it and use it. It is included with the developer release of Panther and shows up in Applications/Utilities.
I am joining this discussion really late but very early on someone wanted to know if a Finder title bar can be dragged beneath/behind the dock. I can drag it there. 10.3 with Test Update, PowerBook G3 400 [Pismo], 768MB, running 10.3 off an expansion bay hard drive. Anyone want another guy's opinion on stuff just ask me.
If it has FireWire then it has Rage128 mobility graphics with 8MB of VRAM and 2x AGP. Its a FireWire/Pismo/2000 model PowerBook G3. Its an excellent Mac. Right now I am running 10.3 on mine. It is running faster than 10.2, they were holding at $1000 forever but now I sometimes seem $700 depending on the configuration.
I miss 10.3, A LOT. I have it on a FireWire drive so I can boot from it to play, but its not ready for full time. It is MUCH faster, Mac OS 9 snappy, even BeOS snappy. However since APIs have changed and applications haven't all been updated ... many applications get very slow and sometimes quit. There are instabilities, but it has a terrific feature set.
I have never had good dealings with PowerMax, I have had a very, very bad one once. I also have several friends who have had the same negative dealings with them. That experience coupled with the fact that Apple will not send G5s to PowerMax before they ship their own pre-orders [common sense] tells me its better to just hold on Apple. Most likely PowerMax has not had their ship date updated yet either by themselves or by Apple. Plus if you are looking for a custom...
I am running 10.2.6 on a PowerBook G3 400 [FireWire/Pismo/2000] not a Lombard, there are a lot of differences such as drive controller, system bus speed, RAM speed, graphics system, etc ... A Pismo also uses software DVD decoding rather than hardware DVD decoding like the Lombard model does [the Lombard is the same form factor but has SCSI on it]. You can expect 10.2 to run much better on a Pismo than on a Lombard. Having lots of RAM helps too. I am running with...
Headless iMac? No.
Can Apple increase market share? Yes.
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