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I went from a 7 to a 5 and it seems almost too bright to me now. I guess I'll get used to it but at first I kind of thought the colors were washed out compared to the old one. I just realized however that the grid is gone, so that's a huge plus.
I had the shirt pocket issue with my iPhone BT headset... had to take it back. It looks beautiful and the dual dock was great but the sheer fact I could barely hold a conversation while my phone was on my belt clip was ludicrous. I'd like to try a later revision tho. Hopefully they fix the range issue.
I've been getting the dead spot issue myself... at first I thought it was a fluke, I couldn't call the 2nd person down in my favorites without a struggle... other screens seemed to work ok tho. Now it seems to be spreading... I couldn't call #2 or #3 on my favorites today, couldn't get into my 2nd email account, and couldn't get back to the beginning of the movie i was playing to save my life in ipod mode... went to the end and back but the time bar got stuck at about 1/8...
New Posts  All Forums: