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Sounds like a well thought out acquisition. They seem to be more frugal than other technology companies of similar size, but it seems they spend their money more intelligently.
It would be cool if UK citizens could download beeb programs for free.
Great article... very enjoyable - thanks!
Well my music library is about 55gb, and then counting a few videos that i might want to put in...and in two years i reckon my music library will be another 10 - 15gb large. I do think that these small HDDs are outdated and slow, but i think they're the only cheap way to store large music libraries in 'your pocket' at the moment....but then again, im very much pulled towards the touch, and just setting up lots of clever playlists. hmmmm!
If you're thinking of the announcement, then they aren't the album covers, unless i'm very much mistaken.
No, English is known for having no official body governing English, unlike French/France and several other Languages/Countries.Bush may be ridiculed for being linguistically challenged, but thats not in the context of the much wider trends you talk about.
Hey, Im going to university in about a month, and I think im going to treat myself to an xbox 360 (ps3s are too expensive and im far too lazy to be waving my arms around in front of a wii). I'm reluctant to shell out on a tv, so I was wondering, is it possible to hook it up to my imac (2ghz intel core duo)? I was thinking about a t.v. tuner...but i dont particularly want to pay the tv license, as i hardly ever watch tv. cheers, Alex.
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