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AAPL was up $3.50 at the start of the event. It held in at $2ish up until they said the Apple Watch is coming in early 2015, then it dropped to $0.80 up, now a little lower than that. Guess the analysts think that missing the holiday season without the Watch will doom Apple.
I had a voice activated wall plug that would turn lights on an off on command. It was always annoying when someone on TV would say something close enough, shutting off all the lights.
There are many reason people choose to upgrade and/or switch carriers or phones; lost/stolen/broken phone, poor service on a particular network, monthly fees and plans, as well as just want the newest/fastest/coolest model. EVERYONE though agrees the phone companies are making plenty of profits and shouldn't be crying about subsidies. AT&T reported $3.8 BILLION and Verizon had $2.23 BILLION in the 3rd Quarter. And this is why I just switch from Verizon to Credo Mobile. I...
Curious, why use bluetooth? Wouldn't it make more sense to put a lightning doc connector to the iPhone and another on the bottom as a pass through for charging/syncing?  It may have it's own battery for the keyboard, but won't the bluetooth use more power than using the iPhone's battery to power the keyboard directly? No?
Can I ask a question about the product? Can these be downloaded via iTunes on a Mac or do you have to use the App Store App?
See, I would love it if Apple comes out and says "we made it all up just to see if they'd do something this stupid."
Yeah, that's going to bring the kiddies running!A trackpad is a touch screen without the screen. You can easily add a keyboard to iPad, if using your fingers or speaking are too difficult for corporate types.What you talkin' 'bout? Are you trying to say "making stuff"? Talk about making simple things complex! While you can make stuff on an iPad, that's actually what I have a MacBook Pro for with a big screen connected to it. I can actually have a WHOLE bunch of stuff open...
I agree. There are some categories of games or apps that would initially work well regardless. Driving games for example, if you're merely using the iOS device as a steering wheel during game play and maybe one one quarter of the screen is gas, another brake, and the other two are for weapons or options. It's a bit Wii-mote in that respect. Another thought, didn't Apple file a patent for a haptic feedback through a touch screen? If so, that would be useful in creating...
I think Apple TV is not likely to be the big game changer every thinks. Unfortunately, this is not due to Apple's lack of creativity or talent, it's that there are so many players who don't want to play nice with Apple. The music industry signed onto iTunes very reluctantly and slowly. TV and film studios will be much slower. Where I think the real opportunity is going to be, is mobile, but not in handheld. I'm thinking CARS! Forget dongles and bluetooth, just put the iOS...
Selling them domestically would leave to many trails pointing back to the thieves. I would imagine they'll be reboxed and sold overseas where then they'd be sold globally, including back into the US through ebay like outlets.
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