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A few channels I'll never watch and need to hide. YouTube now has ads, terrible update this go around. :-(
nudge, nudge of course! (Young Ones reference)Discount is a dirty word in retail, especially when used with premium brands such as Apple. They prefer to use terms such as rebate. There's a little more to it than just that, rebates generally have criteria you have to follow to get the price reduction so they still have some control over the terms of the discount, i.e. how it's presented to the consumer, etc.
I bet Apple is silently working deals with the vendors.  Order X amount of X product and receive X discount or "rebate" wink, wink.
For what its worth I had a terrible experience with MacMall in the past.  Wouldn't honor a rebate for a free copy of Parallels after the purchase of a Mac.  Worse they wouldn't give a reason as to why, even after multiple emails back and forth.  I know they are a big sponsor here, I gave them a chance just because of that, but never again...
It's been a while since I've seen a company who owned their market as Fibit currently does, commit corporate suicide as they are now.  
 Let me add to your prediction.  In 18 months they'll finally support HealthKit but it will be too late.  Won't matter though, they will still cry Apple put them out of business. I still can't believe the (arguably) leading manufacture of health tracking devices won't open up to HealthKit.  Their only option for them to stay relevant at this point is to share data with HealthKit.  Fitbit has the ability to build select devices at a price Apple doesn't care to compete in.
Apple got people so use to OTA updates that they fogot how to use iTunes to update. That's the real reason for the low iOS adoption rate. At one time that would have been considered an unacceptable compromise. I know of someone who recently got an 8GB phone who didn't know any better. To me that's criminal for Apple to offer that and lock someone into a two-year contract.. How do you think buyers will feel once they realize how useless that device is?
I could be wrong but I think the only one he was trolling were Chromebook users.  If you are a Chromebook user then you're in the wrong forum... 
Man, I remember when the 2012 Mini's were launched and there was great uproar (myself included) over the removal of a dedicated video card.  As it turns out the 2012 machine crushed the model it replaced in performance.  Now before the reviews are in everyone is all worked up about the new specs.  You know what kids, I'm going to sit this one out until I see how it performs...   Also, by the way I ended up buying a 2012 model with the Fusion drive.  Nice machine, use it...
Bad analogy. There are more Civics and Corolla's on the road than any other vehicle. To those who drive one it's their bragging right. May not mean much to you but in Honda's and Toyota's business model that's a big piece of the pie.
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