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 I understood you weren't specifically talking about Boltsfan's sexuality, however since Tim Cook likes to mention his, repeatedly.  In context it was funny when you consider how ISIS views homosexuality.  It was meant as ironic humor.  I don't think he/she was referring to events from 30 years ago when we were helping one country fight a war against a second country who we later fought two wars against.  There's modern examples you could have used for that... The only...
They have to have something to write about...  
I look at it the other way, institutions who block legal concealed carry laws are supporting terrorism and should be held accountable because lawabiding citizens are not allowed to protect themselves. As far as I'm concerned these venues are taking the responsibility for my safety when they don't allow legal people to carry. Victims families should be allowed to sue as a result.While I agree it doesn't matter who you like to have sex with, this was funny, lighten up...
As a VW owner I am floored they are this progressive regarding CarPlay. I didn't expect to see this until 2018 or later...
We aren't meant to. This use to bug me too until I finally told myself just keep buying the stock and when the day comes that the market wakes up and realizes how undervalued it is I'll be that much better off. ;-)
I think I figured it out, libraries are racist because you need an I.D. to get a library card so there goes that option...  [/sarcasm]
There are libraries which have free internet.  That's where I use to go back in the 90's before I had the money to afford a computer and internet service.
Well done Google, now no one will have lag while playing C.O.D.   
Side question, iBeacon has been out for about two years now. Other than Apple stores and MLB ballparks is it being used anywhere? Apple needs an implementation team to keep products like this in the limelight.
Wow, how far we've come since the days of the pundits proclaiming the iPhone was doomed without Flash support.  
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