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Tried to use Sky Guide last night but it kept drifting to the north no matter what direction I was facing. Star Walk and Star Walk 2 performed flawlessly for me. Unfortunately we had clouds and rain so I missed the eclipse anyway.
 Just wondering, was JIC one of your shortcuts?
Why do you hate the elderly that you would deny them the opportunity to allow Uber take them to their next doctor visit?*  Every driver registered with Uber is also registered with the department of transportation.  What difference does it make whether they are registered with Uber or a Taxi service? *Mainstream news version of asking someone a question in 2015.
Part of me wants to wait for the 2 gen version but seeing the current version just now being released in new markets makes me think it's going to be a while before we see an Apple Watch 2.
I've been noticing some stuttering on my 5.  So far performance isn't as good as it was on 8.4.  I hope there is still some indexing stuff going on in the background slowing the system down.   If someone asked me today "does is bring new life to old hardware" I'd have to say no.  It's not as bad as what 4.0 did to the 3G but it is a noticeable slowdown.  I can live with it but hopefully it'll get better.
 Unfortunately I had ~ 5 of them in 15 minutes of web browsing.  It was enough for me to turn it off and go back to using the iPhone to look stuff up when I'm sitting on the couch.  The wife and kids might be able to put up with it but that was too much for me. Overall it seems a little quicker, however I think it's too early to make a final judgement.  For example this morning I had to reboot it because it wouldn't swipe between grids on the home screen. Agreed...
 I'm happy ours runs iOS 8, but I wouldn't say that it runs it well.  This has been my experience with iOS 8.  I'll be putting iOS 9 on it as soon as it's released and I have the time.  I too have heard only good stuff about how much better it is. Wow, I didn't get the hysteria or childish impression from Zoolook's post.  He is just stating facts for his devices. Maybe he (and me for that matter) are running background services you aren't, who knows?  Just because you...
 Located conveniently just 20 minutes south of the Telsa factory... 
If I do pull the trigger on this gen that's the route I'd go.
I'm with you.  I want one also but Apple always seems to nail it on the second gen.  I'm going to wait and see what the OS2 reviews are like.
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