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Here, let me help you... 
Considering its only BTTF day +1 how fast we forget...   Want to know how to deal with a bully?  Punch them in the face.     Sending them an emoji will only guarantee that your underwear will get pulled up over the back of your head.
Don't be so fast to point fingers, we can't update in our office because Apple's own FileMaker Pro software still has some issues and FM server is not supported at all.  A fix isn't expected until next month.
Have to ask, are you running OSX Server? What are you doing with each server? I've seen the new Mac Pro used as a server but never an iMac.
Activated in Pittsburgh.  I hope this works better than the microcell I've been using.  It was great when it worked, but getting it to work was pure luck.
Lol, and next year Samsung will be doing this with Blue Sky.
 I've had similar thoughts, however Tim Cook and crew must be doing it for some reason.  It certainly gets people like us paying attention to whats happening.  The majority of the market doesn't know and couldn't care less.  
Thanks for confirming, and the tip.
I was referring to the LAN cable.
 I sure hope it's more of a you can plug it in versus you must plug it in.   
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