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I don't want Windows, however OS X Server has had some serious issues going back to 10.7.  It has gotten better but learning network administration with Server was extremely difficult.  There was always a balance of what did I screw up and what did Server screw up.  Spend some time on the Apple discussion boards to see what I mean. If switching to MS network standards means increased network stability then sign me up!
Agreed, and why kill the muscle memory by placing the Home screen on the right? I don't understand that.  I was cool with the scroll change a few years back in OS X but this makes no sense.
I'm still waiting for AT&T to turn on Wi-Fi calling that was announced a year ago.  Not holding my breath for this...
  Somewhere in there is a joke about Asians and driving...  
Agreed.  It's so hissy I get a damn headache if I listen to it too long.  I don't understand how people can praise the "cd quality" sound.  A decent FM signal beats Sirius/XM hands down.
There were all kinds of rumors of the next Nintendo platform using Android as the base OS.  Nintendo quickly addressed those rumors as being false.  I wonder if a move to Swift is in the works?  Nintendo is actively reinventing their mobile strategy...
Melatonin eh?  Never heard of red lights being used for that.   
With the tight manufacturing tolerances of Apple products would batteries with these even slide in to a trackpad/keyboard?
Fox News!  Ahhhhh!  (Runs out of the room with wildly flailing hands.)   Sorry, you know its going to come from some one.
I looked but I couldn't their token based system that required user authorization from the owners finger print, which was encrypted in a 64-bit memory system.Living in the U.S. I'm not a worldly guy as some but I have spent some time in Europe and South America and have never seen it implemented there either.Can you post a link to the phone that's had this technology since '08?
New Posts  All Forums: