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Have to ask, are you running OSX Server? What are you doing with each server? I've seen the new Mac Pro used as a server but never an iMac.
Activated in Pittsburgh.  I hope this works better than the microcell I've been using.  It was great when it worked, but getting it to work was pure luck.
Lol, and next year Samsung will be doing this with Blue Sky.
 I've had similar thoughts, however Tim Cook and crew must be doing it for some reason.  It certainly gets people like us paying attention to whats happening.  The majority of the market doesn't know and couldn't care less.  
Thanks for confirming, and the tip.
I was referring to the LAN cable.
 I sure hope it's more of a you can plug it in versus you must plug it in.   
What's with the LAN cable, it seems odd you would have a promotional picture showing one.  It's not like Airport routers's are noted for their number of LAN ports...
 I'd love for Podcasts to give me more than a 10 pixel high bar at the bottom of the screen, sandwiched in just above the menu bar, to make the player go full screen.  It's crazy I have to have surgeon like accuracy on a 6S Plus to make the player controls appear.  Same for the Music app.  Who the hell thought that's a good interface decision?
And don't forget most of Latin America and Korea thanks to the Pirates and Jung Ho Kang!*  *Insert comment about ignorant Europeans who are self centered and think soccer is the only sport in the world.
New Posts  All Forums: