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What's with the LAN cable, it seems odd you would have a promotional picture showing one.  It's not like Airport routers's are noted for their number of LAN ports...
 I'd love for Podcasts to give me more than a 10 pixel high bar at the bottom of the screen, sandwiched in just above the menu bar, to make the player go full screen.  It's crazy I have to have surgeon like accuracy on a 6S Plus to make the player controls appear.  Same for the Music app.  Who the hell thought that's a good interface decision?
And don't forget most of Latin America and Korea thanks to the Pirates and Jung Ho Kang!*  *Insert comment about ignorant Europeans who are self centered and think soccer is the only sport in the world.
Even though it is Canada, baseball is played in two countries thank you very much...
6S Plus.
Tried to use Sky Guide last night but it kept drifting to the north no matter what direction I was facing. Star Walk and Star Walk 2 performed flawlessly for me. Unfortunately we had clouds and rain so I missed the eclipse anyway.
 Just wondering, was JIC one of your shortcuts?
Why do you hate the elderly that you would deny them the opportunity to allow Uber take them to their next doctor visit?*  Every driver registered with Uber is also registered with the department of transportation.  What difference does it make whether they are registered with Uber or a Taxi service? *Mainstream news version of asking someone a question in 2015.
Part of me wants to wait for the 2 gen version but seeing the current version just now being released in new markets makes me think it's going to be a while before we see an Apple Watch 2.
I've been noticing some stuttering on my 5.  So far performance isn't as good as it was on 8.4.  I hope there is still some indexing stuff going on in the background slowing the system down.   If someone asked me today "does is bring new life to old hardware" I'd have to say no.  It's not as bad as what 4.0 did to the 3G but it is a noticeable slowdown.  I can live with it but hopefully it'll get better.
New Posts  All Forums: