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Thank you for recommending the Incomparable.  That was a podcast I was always meaning to check out but never did.  I listened to the PM and first AOC discussion over the weekend and think they couldn't be more spot on.
I defended TPM in that it was a story that needed to be told to fully understand the rise, fall, and redemption of Vader, but it as an original fan I feel it was a botched effort.  Reading the Thrawn trilogy when it first came out I (and many others) was expecting much more from Lucas than what he delivered.   When you include what he did to the special edition versions of ANH and ROJ it was like a slap across both sets(!) of cheeks.
You're right, I am over 30.  I do like Revenge of the Sith, I think it unfairly gets lumped in with TPM.  AOC is ok.  It's hard for me to accept poop and fart jokes (TPM & CW Movie) in what once was one of the greatest space opera's of all-time.
The prequels were like the ending of the Wizard of Oz.  Those of us that remember the magic of the original trilogy had the drapes pulled back and we saw the man we had so much faith in to tell us a great story no longer had anything of value to offer. The prequels took an established story line that had warmth and depth and dumbed it down to a child like lowest common denominator. Lucas' defense was that these were always children stories.  I call B.S.  My three year old...
Episode 7 may actually allow me to enjoy the Phantom Menace...  No wait, who am I kidding.... I think Han's quote at the end of the trailer has more to it than just another throwaway line in the movie.....
 "All animals are equal,  but some are more equal than others."  --Orwell, Animal Farm, 1945.
I knew it!  Bush's fault!
I was afraid of that.  Thanks.  It makes complete sense, I was just hoping Apple figured out a way to make it work.  I was in an unfortunate situation where my iPhone 4 died a few months before the 5S was introduced.  I love the idea of Touch I.D. but didn't want to necessarily replace my 5 just for that.  I'll wait and see what the 6S brings to the table ~ fall.  :-)
Jumping slightly off-topic, I know you can do Apple pay with an iPhone 5, will it also allow you to unlock the phone similar to touch ID if you have it on your wrist? 
And don't forget walls shorten that distance.  You might be able to put your phone out on the deck and walk around in your yard but leaving it on the kitchen counter might be pushing things a bit in the typical 3 bedroom style home.  I have one of those Panasonic cordless phone bases that I can pair my iPhone to and I have issues when I get three rooms away from the base.  I'm not sure what implementation of Bluetooth Panasonic is using though...
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