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Quite the opposite.  It couldn't be more democratic because they voted for this (sometimes twice or more in the same election).  When an entire community begins to vote with the mindset of freebies from the government, they become slaves to that government and completely incapable of doing anything for themselves.  Once the officials know they have their unconditional vote, services begin to get redirected to new areas of conquest.  (People of X community I'm from the...
"Let me just kill you right now," Lee, the "Do The Right Thing" director, told D.K. Smith, a Brooklyn homeowner and tech start-up director, at the speech when Smith brought up the subject of the "other side" of gentrification. Ya poor helpless little (in more than one meaning of the word) Lee, who has a record of saying stupid things like this, is just a misunderstood wordsmith right? Sorry but you don't get to play both "person looking for intelligent discussion on race...
For the most part drafting stations have been replaced by CAD stations, so in a way you are right, there aren't many complaints.
 Don't worry, I've seen plenty pictures of Tim Cook hobnobbing with President Obama and various members of congress.  ;-)
No, they just make up some bogus fees and hope no one notices...
I thought that was the undo function?
Not according to this AI story.Simple concept actually. Some one would like to turn something off when they're done using it. Make sense to me.
Is this still 3rd Gen only?
I either missed that or forgot, thanks!  Apple made a smart choice then.  I wouldn't to deal with all the other crap phones out there either.   
I wish Apple would look under it's couch cushions to get the change it needed to buy T-Mobile. That would make things extremely interesting. I have a $1 that says Samsung would immediately run after Sprint. :-)
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