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Good news is they have improved the manufacturing process to allow for a smaller chipset.  Bad news is if this is indeed a testbed for something say like an iWatch that probably means we have a ways to go before "the results" are in.
I don't know what's more amazing, the technology or the fact that some is awake and at their desk at 6:05AM eastern time at the U.S. Patent Office...
    Unless the new iMac production process is a dry run for an Apple TV....   Hmmm....
Is iPhone "Math" the lost in translation version of iPhone "Max"? If so this will make those who want a monster-sized iPhone happy.
Whew that was a close one, if there is one thing worse than iOS maps its Waze.
For me, using words like "clearly" in an interview raises red flags in the back of my mind.
So far so good!  This was the only issue I had with my Mini otherwise this this is awesome little machine.  I take back what I said about this being a "down-grade revision" because of the discrete graphics issue.  I ordered mine with the Fusion drive and added 16GB of RAM myself.  Granted I'm not in to gaming, but this thing is truly a screamer for what I do.  I'm waiting to see what's going to happen with Retina and iMac's before I spend that kind of money, for now this...
Wow, and here I was thinking good job Apple, giving us updates and not charging us for them.  I know the technology isn't there yet for an Arm CPU to be able to handle the same processing power as an Intel one, but it's good to see you haven't forgotten your office applications...     I guess I'm in the minority.
   So which of the two best describes you?       I'm one of those people who do not like full screen in several apps.  Aperture is one.  I don't use it enough to remember all the key commands and when you go to full screen a lot is removed from the GUI.  With that being said though I like the idea of full-screen and I'm sure it's a useful feature for heavy-users.    
You just described a common misconception of what fairness means and how fairness works. First, who are you or I to say higher income people need to give a higher percentage of money to the government? Why can't they give the same percentage as every one else? I'd trust a "Steve Jobs" to spend his money as he sees fit developing a new product or business plan than the government handing it out as voter incentives. Second the whole premise that capital gains only effects...
New Posts  All Forums: