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I remember alternative angles as being a big selling point for DVD's. However in the past 10 years I think I remember one movie (worth watching) that had that feature. Don't worry it sounds like the setup will allow you to continue through life with blinders on. If you don't see it, it can't be real or happening right?Only I'm a big NHL fan and ESPN continues to play games with them. Going in to this model you can't rely on them alone. Competing networks such as Fox...
Thanks, I'm a bit of a geek and I'll never remember to go to these sites to check for updates/upgrades. Makes you wonder what version the average Mac user is running.... Can any one answer why there is no auto update process for Flash? Theoretically there can be some huge security holes open on thousands of machines.
This is going to sound stupid BUT other than happening to catch stories such as this how does one know there are updates to flash? Are these updates installed automatically? I just ran a software update and my system was "up to date."
Been there, done that. Waiting to see what the response is in 4.1.
I have no idea what your point is. To answer you question though, no I didn't go to that previously unknown link before I connected my iPhone to iTunes and received the update message from Apple. Just to see if there was some reason for the link you posted other than the part I did go to the link you provided and after reading it a few times I still can't find the part that says, "This update will slow iPhone 3G's performance to an almost unusable level. Only apply...
Good job. Couldn't have said it better myself. While I will upgrade at some point in the near future, having to do it because Apple almost made my current phone unusable is not the best reason to have to do so. I understand technology changes and that is why I have said numerous times I would be more accepting if Apple would have cut off the upgrade to 3G users. An honest, "sorry your phone isn't powerful enough for the changes of the new OS." is much better than "sure...
Well, add me to the list. It's a mess for me. In fact my wife sees how poorly it is running on my phone and said she does not want the update done to hers. There are many people here and on Apple's own discussion forums which are having similar problems. Don't know what other "real facts" you are looking for. Would you like us all to capture video and post it for you on YouTube? Would that let you finally sleep at night?
That worked for me for about two weeks before everything slowed down again.
Torch? Ironically that's what I'd like to do to my work BlackBerry!
BINGO! Without any viable competition there is no reason for them to introduce a new version right now. This is being saved for the day when someone else enters the scene with a unit that has a camera. Then iPod Touch Maxi 2.0 gets released with everything missing from iPod Touch Maxi 1.0, complete with a price drop. Thank you early adopters....
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