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I like you Apple ][ you're sarcastic just like me!
I'm glad this was the first post because this whole story didn't make sense because of that very fact...
As long as they don't "endanger my safety" by using them below 10,000 feet I'm fine with the idea....
I think it's a scam for some geek to get lucky..."Look Liv, my birthday wish to you is all over the Internet!"
Yep, they brought it on to themselves. Other than the $5 plan I refused to pay for the higher text upgrade plans and used WhatsApp for years. I can take a few texts from no iPhone users out of the base 200 I get with the $5 plan. This will make it that much more easier for me to avoid going over my limit.
I was thinking the same thing!
I was hoping to do the same, especially if the rumors for a Sprint version hold true. I was sad to leave Sprint when the 3G came out but what could you do other than not have an iPhone? Only problem is I had to buy a new phone this past December some I'm stuck for 2 years from that date. My wife is still using her 3G and will probably be pushing for whatever comes out next. Can't say that I would blame her at this point though. Thankfully she's not the type of person...
Of course they are, I finally caved in and bought a 3G Kindle! Actually I don't care, I bought the Kindle now for fear this new table would replace the current Kindle and the best screen out there for reading. Sure it doesn't do all the fancy iPad stuff, I have an iPhone for that, and because it doesn't have all the bells and whistles I don't get as easily distracted when I sit down to read.
Agreed. I'm willing to bet they have a reason. To move away from an industry standard "just because" would add unnecessary costs to the special hard drives themselves. I'm willing to sit back and see what the future holds before I jump to conclusions...
Then why not just make them identical to OS 1? Simple, elegant, and monochrome!
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