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Then why not just make them identical to OS 1? Simple, elegant, and monochrome!
Goad to see I'm not the only one who thinks that. As simple as it might be to some my brain has trouble which of the two opposite colors means that is the selection.
Especially $3.9 billion secrets! Seriously though, how hard could it be to scrape up a hundred or so panels*? I don't see them needing a whole lot more than that! *Not including the number needed for all RIM employees who will be forced to lug one of these around in public...
Best line so far.
[QUOTE=MagicFingers;1833863]i am with you on this. not-so-new is a nice way to put Netflix old and lame collection of movies./QUOTE] I guess that all depends on what your priorities are in life. I must live a sheltered life because for me most of the movies on Netflix are new. I think the last movie I saw in the theater was Avatar and that was only because my wife wanted to see it in 3-D.
Thanks for the tip. I turned my IR sensor off on my MacBook not realizing this was the true solution.I don't understand why you need to tell us this? From this story it obviously looks like you're in the minority.Now that Amazon is making its streaming service free for all Prime members, I can foresee the gap between Amazon's service and iTunes quickly widening as soon as it is available on AppleTV.Sports and news still have a lot of us suckered in to the monthly cable...
I've noticed the same thing.I've yet to watch anything streamed in HD from Netflix. Before this update (5.1 audio) you would think the data would be the same.From what I've read Netflix does not buffer on any device. Supposedly they built a generic delivery system so that it can be implemented on a variety of hardware platforms, some with large amounts of storage (laptops) and those without, Wii.Count me in as one of the ten! Seriously, how hard could it be to...
I hopt that's it. I'm a Nikon guy and I don't want to start playing second fiddle to Canon. I don't care if Apple starts selling Canon products, I just hate to see them having an unfair advantage in support/features.
Oh no, the Xoom is doomed! Doomed I say! How dare Motorolla release a product that doesn't meet the established web standards. Who do they think they are telling us the consumer what does and doesn't work well. [/sarcasm]
I apologize if I mislead you. I assume when I said good and bad you thought I was referring to what the rest of us call the weather, I was referring to pollution. I haven't been around a few thousand years to know what is and isn't normal weather for any particular place. Heck in the last 40 years I've been alive I've seen the cycle from long brutal winters, to (thankfully) much milder winters, and now we're back on the brutal cycle. As for keeping my head in the sand,...
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