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Cool, send me the extra sticks that are just going to waste in your machine(s).
I hope they are waiting to release the new iWork and iLife in one big package once 10.6.3 is ready to be released. I'm still using iWork '08 and Leopard. I'm ready to upgrade but it makes no sense to buy the upgrade pack now...
Sounds a little disengenuos to me. "We acknoledge there are problems and we are going to work on them to get it right. Oh by the way CS5 is coming, buy now!" I hope Adobe is sincere, however I'm not holding my breath.
I've had my Drobo for a little over a year now and love it. The older units were noisy but the newer ones are pretty quiet. Every once in a while the fan kicks on and it makes some noise but that rarely happens for me.
Acura, what a boring car, every time you turn the key the car starts and runs like a champ. I prefer to live life on the wild side. You never know what's going to happen when you try start a VW.
AgreedI started with Parallels when I was new to Mac's. At the time everyone I knew said thats what you want to use. That was with version 2. I upgraded to three with little trouble, things went bad when I upgraded to 4. I had serious USB issues (wouldn't work at all) and I gave up and went to Fusion. When I'm in WIndows I'm either doing work or school stuff. For the relatively short amount of time I'm in the Windows environment I'm not spending anymore time...
That always seemed hooky to me. I thought maybe you needed a faster processor to show a percentage or something.
"It's a great day for hockey", but we're talking about technology, not the greatest game on earth. Your scenario works fine in areas where there is either A) Wi-Fi or B) a good 3G connection. Maybe you live somewhere special but there are still a lot of places where neither exists and a good old fashion USB connector would work wonders. Glad to see you're catching on about the importance of multitasking. I too am waiting to see what software 4.0 and hardware 2.0 brings....
Seems like you're missing the elegance factor Apple has taken up until this point by not falling in to the "add-on this", "clip-on that", type of accessories. Not having a camera in this day and age is a huge mistake and people have every right to criticize Apple for the omission. I'll bet you lunch version two of the hardware has a camera in it. About the ports, someone who just spent $2,500 on a Nikon D300s might argue with your 4 year old technology argument. USB...
New Posts  All Forums: