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Common, that's a terrible excuse. Even the iPod which "no one would want to watch movies on" has a camera in it now. This would have been an acceptable omission ~ 1999 - 2001.Good point, however there is no multi-tasking to access those notes quickly thus making it a pain in the butt to use. You can do that on a laptop. That's why I do a face palm when I hear students say "I can use this for class." By the time you get done buying all of the docks, interfaces, etc.,...
Now that a day has passed, take off your rose colored glasses and look at this thing for what it is, a piece of overpriced junk. It doesn't solve anyone's needs that can be solved better by other means. This can't replace a phone and it can't replace a laptop. For everyone who was falling over themselves prior to announcement you have to feel pretty stupid right now. That's okay, we're hear to help, admitting this is a turd is the first step to recovery. Come back to...
If you're a student and you think this is the answer to your prayers you better reevaluate the situation. First this is not going to replace your textbooks anytime soon because you'll quickly realize (like I did) that most of your text books won't be available on this thing. Even if they are it's a pain trying to work out of them when doing assignments, going back and forth through the pages. The few books that are available aren't much cheaper than the real version,...
I didn't get a chance to listen in today. Did they announce another event? Hope they bring out the MacBook Pro updates!
Thanks for not answering my question troll. See I can do it to!
I'm with you, talk about a letdown. This is the perfect product for people who have more money than they know what to do with.
Any word on a real iWork update for those of us not interested in this piece of junk?
Can you see "To Do" items in the calender program?
I think I'm center right, as I believe the country is, and I think that's the angle Fox reports the news from. I think commentator programs such as Beck and O'Reilly follows suit, however they are such a shock to some because it shakes their beliefs in how the world works. Up until this point there was no one on air with this point of view. I hear again and again that Fox is "bad because they get great ratings by catering to four emotional/intellectual/spiritual...
I'm betting they take iWork even higher into the clouds this year (pun intended) and allow table users the ability to view an edit iWork documents. I'm hoping new versions of iLife and iWork are introduced since I'm a little behind the times and still running '08 versions.Wow, you liberals are right... Just a few words can make all a difference! I'm ready to watch some neutral Olbmerman now! I agree with you on several points.
New Posts  All Forums: