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This is a no deal for me. While this is a neat feature and I could see possible use for this feature in my personal life, there is no way I'm giving up me unlimited plan for it AND pay more for the privilege.
That can be fixed in one software update.I'm with you on the browser. Seems like a logical addition in the near future. Thankfully all it would take is a software update to add Safari. I'm not to worried about 1080P content though. I have FIOS and have problems streaming 720P and 480P content during peak times. I would rather be able to watch a movie without multiple pauses (or at least minor ones) at 720P than with them at 1080PApple is a business not a charity. Yes...
Sounds like you are ignorant to a lot. If you think there is a search engine that doesn't store results you are living in a fantasy land. That information is priceless for many reasons. Who would you prefer to trust with that data? Russia, China, England? You can't even walk/drive down the street without being on multiple traffic cameras.
My guess would be is that it's not worth it since the product is EOL.
You beat me to it! Imagine a Kuro-AppleTV, oh wait I already have one.
Looks that way. No one was buying the wired version. I've had my wireless keyboard for almost 4 years and have had none of the problems you mentioned nor have I seen any big outcry of the same. You might have a defective keyboard. While a minor pain, my old keyboard worked fine with rechargeable batteries. I just had to plan ahead of time because my charger would only charge batteries in pairs, the redesigned keyboard solves that problem and makes it really easy to use...
I thought the same thing. Looks like I'm going to be using 3G for a long time because 4G will put me in the poor house.
And that is different from Steve Jobs how?
Thanks, I missed the post about this in the middle of the english lesson.
Oh ya, forgot about that one already...Hey, the French had to be on the winning side of something.I credit it to more to Russian winters and stupidity from the German command. Just saying.I don't get why the .1 designation. Since 4.2 was never released why not keep the name?
New Posts  All Forums: