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I just deleted about 5 or 6 installers yesterday from my downloads folder.  It didn't take long to get a new one in there!    I love after the install where it takes you to the Adobe website ands says "Here are some other Abode products you might be interested in..."  Ya, I don't think so...
iTunes Match had a few hiccups for me when it first launched but they were addressed through various consumer and server side updates. It's working so well now that I'm afraid to update. is there such a thing as keeping my current setup (iTunes Match) and trying out the new Beats Music service?
Why will you miss it?  Did you sell it?
Wow, you thats a real zinger there!  I've lived in the south for many years and I hate to break it to you but the South is very American.  Can't say I've run in to any one "ready to take back America from Obama and the DHS StormBamaTroopers."  But then again I've only spent time in about 12 southern states. Whether someone hoards guns or Nintendo games makes no difference on whether or not they love their country.  It's their actions in the world is what defines them.  The...
You need to be more open and accepting of others viewpoints. Are you netrox in disguise?  Have you been to any ghetto in the North?  Anti-America, only difference is not clinging to bibles...
Good now I'll finally be able to sleep tonight.  
Not if you're in the news business.  Things are a bit slow over the summer.  Gotta have something to get people to click and tune-in.   
I was on Crutchfield's site Sunday night looking at radios for my 2004 Passat.  Today's radios are absolutely terrible.  You can't purchase a subdued car stereo anymore...
I wouldn't have an issue with that if her talent levels were on par with the other people competing for the position.  It drives me nuts when someone comes along and says we need/demand more "X" people.  Well maybe they're haven't been any qualified "X" people apply for the position(s) available, and that's a different discussion.  I can't imagine any business turning away a qualified person to fill a position.
One could but make that point but they would be wrong.  Hiring the best person that meets the requirements for a position/job is part of the process of making great products.  Whether that person is sexually attracted to men or women makes no difference.  Nor does it matter if they have a penis or vagina.  Making a company diverse for the sake of diversity is a fools errand.
New Posts  All Forums: