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Whatever it is we'll find out soon enough.  Those dates are getting close especially if they expect people to make plane/hotel reservations...
 I'm sure there are a few facilities in Detroit that already have the seats removed.  I'm sure the old Pontiac Silverdome is available for those dates!
I understand.  I'm sure they have the money but building an OS from the ground up requires an unbelievable amount of knowledge, especially when you consider everything Swatch wants to put in this "adult" product.  Even if you hire people who on paper should be able to make it work doesn't necessarily mean they'll succeed as a team.  Apple has an enormous head start on Swatch for Hayek to be making statements like that.  
Agreed.  I'd be genuinely surprised if Swatch had the resources to build a watch OS from the ground up.  Then again they've been selling toy watches for so long with an incredible mark-up maybe they have deep enough pockets?
6?  Hell, I wouldn't give up my 5 for one of those...
Wouldn't prior art invalidate the trademark attempt?
I think you replied to the wrong post.  I didn't mention a DVR. If there is indeed a new Apple TV coming next month I have to give Apple some credit here.  You would expect there to be some leaks at this point. You could be right, it may be more than $99 however a lot of time has passed since the initial AppleTV 2 was release.  Adding more CPU, enough to handling gaming would be trivial for Apple in 2015.  I think Apple see's the AppleTV as a gateway to the iTunes store....
I figured that's what was going on but like I said the messages started appearing right around day 3. Quite annoying. You would think a week or two without contacting the server would be good enough... TimeMachine gives you ~ 15 days before the first notice and that's a lot more mission critical than an office suit.
I'll add even MS Office likes to call home, frequently.  I recently spent 2 weeks in China and from about day 3 onward I was constantly reminded that my Office 365 subscription could not be verified.  Thankfully I was still able to use it but the constant nagging from the software was irritating.  I always had my fingers crossed the next morning that Office would still be working.
New Posts  All Forums: