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If I do pull the trigger on this gen that's the route I'd go.
I'm with you.  I want one also but Apple always seems to nail it on the second gen.  I'm going to wait and see what the OS2 reviews are like.
 I'll give you number one and five on your list, however the iPhone disrupted an entire industry.  Google, Blackberry, Palm, and Microsoft all had to either rethink their gameplay or go under, R.I.P. Palm... The iPad was an enormous disrupter and will do so at a different level once the Pro is announced.  (There are too many rumors now to pretend it isn't real.) The Apple Watch in the "smart watch" field is a disrupter, however there isn't a "need" for the product in the...
A few months ago when Nintendo first started talking about their next generation console I brought that up in these message boards.  You aren't alone in your thinking.
I'm guessing not everyone appreciates a group of chirppy androgynous 20-somethings?
I'm curious as to what DVR function were you expecting?  As long as iTunes is around I see no cable tuner or DVR functionality ever coming to the AppleTV. 
I hate it. I love it. Nothing more to be said! ;-)
I remember when Sony's Mavica used a 3.5" floppy.  Pictures were only 640 x 480 if I remember correctly.  The thing ate AA batteries like no one's business.  I want to say it was like 8-10 at a time? Later I remember wondering WTF when they introduced the memory stick, wondering why they didn't just use a CF card like everyone else.  
 Your stance until now was that you couldn't call them liars even though everyone else recognized that to be the case.  Glad to see you're finally onboard with at least some suspect of them being full of crap.  If "Colombo were still alive" he would be proud knowing you weren't taking someone's story at face value...
I hope you're right.  Not too long ago I left a company where the hate of all things Apple in the IT department was unreal.  Few people if any in the company wanted the crap phones and computers IT was handing out. Ironic because we were reminded on a daily basis from the person at the top who our customers were, internal and external.  None of that applied to the IT department.  They did whatever the hell they wanted.
New Posts  All Forums: