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Ha, funny pic. Your uncle's van?So, after spending time researching stories on that site what article(s) do you have issues with?
For answers to that and many other exciting questions spend a little time here; http://wattsupwiththat.com The truth will set you free!
There is one way Apple could be doomed from this.  If all the business, software, and hardware experts in this forum got together to build their own ecosystem there is no way Apple/Microsoft/Google/Samusung/Amazon could possibly survive...
It is sometime hard to tell what emotions a person is trying to include with a post. Are they being sarcastic or are they really that dumb. Unfortunately on the Internet there is a lot of dumb. I wasn't sure what your intent was because I interpreted the start as being completely different from the finish and your response didn't help your case. All too often you see posts where if "it didn't happen to me it didn't happen". For whatever reason those people irritate...
Look I can do it too!
    Glad it worked for you all but just because it did doesn't mean others didn't have problems.  I started the download tonight, more than 24 hours past the initial release and iTunes is telling me its a 5 hour download.  Would have been nice if the cache service on my OSX server downloaded the update like it was up pose to.  But then again who in their right mind expects OSX Server to work as intended...
 That would be like spending $3 billion dollars on a company that makes headphones.   All kidding aside I'm with you.  "Tomorrow" will be a brighter day for GTAT and LQMT.  There is something there its just not ready yet.  Apple is testing the waters with a premium gold AppleWatch, I wouldn't put it past them to see a premium AppleWatch 2.0 with LQMT in 2016.
 Did it once, and learned my lesson.  Never again will I do business with those charlatans.
You're right.  He's shown he doesn't understand what's happening.  In his mind he's mad he split town when he had the chance and "whitey" moved in.  End of story.
Ha ha. No, I wouldn't lump Jesus' and Gandhi in with the Skittles and Ice Tea crowd. Those two men provided a pathway for man to better "himself" and respect life. Their souls belonged to no one. Far too many people's soul in these troubled areas belong to government. Lee and people like him become enraged when those with means come and show that they do not need to rely on the hand of government to take care of them. They can come up through the system and be self...
New Posts  All Forums: