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I agree 100%.  My only hope is that this project doesn't fall in to the bottomless pit of forgotteness with other outstanding ideas such as iBooks Author.  I had a lot of hope with that project and it pretty much fell off the face of the earth.
Man it would be a pain to hold a controller and try to game on an iPad when there is already a platform (3DS) for that.
 I hope you are right.  When games first started coming out for the iPhone I was on board.  My original DS started collecting dust.  Unfortunately the limitations (tactile controls, game depth, game quality, etc.) I soon stopped gaming on the iPhone and never returned to the DS.  A fews years have passed since and we recently purchased a 2DS for my son.  I have to admit I'm having a ton of fun and even purchased a few games for myself for after he goes to bed.  I couldn't...
Thanks, I'd add cooling and aerodynamics to that as well...
Sadly I agree, as an owner of a MGB '74 1/2 Late Model the Miata is the closest thing out there.  Almost bought a MX-5 in 1998 but ended up with a BMW R12C instead.
I'd hope for more of a Triumph or MGB look.  :-) To me those are just classic designs.
Some one is going to be in trouble...
I'm not at home at the moment to check my AppleTV 2 but did it receive an update as well?
As crazy as it is to ask I have to ask, is the HBO feature coming to AppleTV 2 and 3, or is there some lame excuse why AppleTV 2's can't receive the update?
Probably all those people who shoot video in portrait mode...   I (like most of us here with a brain) always thought it would be announced in the fall.  If there is a screen issue maybe its because of that force touch or whatever they call it from the watch?
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