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Free market has done a lot reducing roaming charges to the point where they pretty much don't effect 90% of cell phone users. I take it you didn't have a cell phone in the late 80's? I remember when I bought my first cell phone, it was from Aerial because at the time they were they only ones which significantly covered the areas of Florida and Pennsylvania I lived/visited AND I didn't have to pay roaming charges when I was traveling across state.Or by one posting session...
I've found people who need to tell others they work with big money, don't. I'm not sure how intelligent you can be hanging out with people who don't realize you need a computer to work with an iPod. I've worked in retail in the past and sold products to people who had way more money than brains, and never once have I met someone that out of touch with modern technology. Did he bother to read the requirements on the outside packaging? To top it off, you took advantage of...
iTunes has become so cluttered that I have found myself not exploring for new artists/podcasts as I have done in the past. This is coming from someone who generally accepts Apple software with open arms.
Exactly, you need to be able to do this just to bypass the screen saver and get to the login prompt. How does this service differ from the "Back to my Mac" function in MobileMe? As a single Mac family I have yet to try this feature.
To infer there is no connection between Greenpeace and the groups you mentioned is being intellectually dishonest. Here is a quick read on how they are all related;http://activistcash.com/organization...131-greenpeace
I'm interested as well. When 10.6 came out I was focused on school work and some business items so I didn't have the time to invest in updating the OS. I'm going to to do it when the new apps are releases since I'm still using iWork '08Agreed on the drawing app. I'm surprised there is nothing comparable in the iWork suite. Thanks for the tip also, like others I completely forgot about creating keyboard shortcuts like that. To be honest, comparing iWork to MS isn't a...
Either that or they are some miserable S.O.B's. Looks like a little of both.
It's not even going to be close, SJ has no chance. I bet $5 says the cover is already designed with Obama on the front...
Ireland your spellcheck is broke, I fixed your post for you.One of the few posts on this topic that makes sense. I agree and hope this spurs Apple into making iPhone version 4 an even better product.I'll bet you $5 Obama is it in 2009.Actually I thought the original post made a lot of sense, and from what I've read and heard is what happened. Can you enlighten us all as to what was wrong with the information given?
I'm surprised companies like EA hasn't brought out a game controller. I would think that would help them to sell even more games. --Dave
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