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I wouldn't be too happy. Tomorrow is just an announcement from Apple as well. From my understanding there won't be an actual release to consumers.
I'm with you on this one. Lack of copy and paste drives me up the wall, but the work around I use for tasks right now is embarrassing, considering I'm using "the world's premiere smart phone." I still don't know how the iPhone made it this far without having this ability. The Palm Pre can do it so hopefully this means iPhone will soon be able to as well.
I've never been able to get that stupid site to work.
I can see it now, by 2011 every TV will have an array of R sensor bars above and underneath it. By 2012 TV manufacturers will take notice and incorporate them in to the bezels of all TV's I hope an onscreen keyboard is not the only option. Please Apple, let us use our wireless keyboards. I BOUGHT IT TO BE ABLE TO DO THINGS LIKE THIS!!!
That makes much more sense than this. Personally I though that was where the Shuffle was heading. Sorry fanboys but you are going to have to call me a troll on this one. For most of the people on this forum it will work well, but for the 99% of people who own iPods and never head of Appleinsider or any other blog like it, they are going to be confused. I feel there will be one of three things that happen with this version; 1. There will be a lot of returns. 2. There...
Maybe it is just me but, if an album is good does it need a corporate sponsor behind it? I don't remember who sponsored Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon, Miles Davis' Kind of Blue, or the Beatles' White album. Can someone help me on that? To me this sounds like an announcement from U2 that says "Hey we realize this album sucks so we're going to pick-up some extra revenue from a cell phone company."
Well if Apple's ship sinks then you wont have to worry about the AppStore, because there wont be any more iPhones to install apps on...
I've been a user of Parallels for over two years now and was reasonably happy with the performance and reliability , but version 4 is terrible. There are serious problems synchronizing Palm's, and every once in a while it will go crazy,using 70 - 100% on the CPU with nothing really going on. Although version 4 looks prettier and has a lot of promise, right now I'm sorry I upgraded from version 3.
I had several updates hit at once I assumed one of them was the firmware update. I guess I'm a little confused as to how this all plays out.
Okay, I ran the updates, now how do I turn the file sharing on? I have a Drobo connected to my AE but I see nothing in MobilMe that allows me to "register" the drive.
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