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No, the guy in the middle... Gotta agree with Ireland on this one, what the hell are you on?
I wish they'd just get on with it and use the transparent aluminum which a very reliable friend of a friend told me Ive has planned for the iPhone 5.
Even though I usually go no where near 3GB a month it ticks me off knowing I will get penalized if I do. Loyalty is a thing of the past I guess. Once all 4 of my phone replacements are "sync'd" I will thank AT&T by switching back to Sprint.
You are obviously in a minority. I don't think Tim Cook is going to read your post and say, "Thanks for the lesson. Between making bajillions of Macs and iOS devices we never thought of your points."
Don't forget Windows Mobile 7 didn't have cut & paste when it released. Funny the same press who slammed Apple when they didn't have it excused MS for the same omission even though they had a much more extensive history with mobile OS'.
Unless of course you turned those features off earlier.
My only beef with this is how all associated data is deleted when you remove an app from an iOS device. For example if I have a large game installed that I'd like to remove to make room for something else I will also lose my save data. While I assume this won't happen with documents, I would like to have some kind of "management system" for this type of data.
Agreed. I think Apple's business model is considerably better. Make money up front on the hardware AND later with content sales. I think Amazon could have gotten another $50 for the Fire and put a little money in the bank right from the start. Even if they would have went with $225 that would have given them an extra ~ $75 mil on 3 mil units. I doubt there would have been any lost sales because of an extra $25, especially at Christmas time. Thanks Michael for the...
Yep, at $199 I do. I'm not saying Amazon is going to compete directly on the hardware level but their "cloud" solution works pretty damn good and their hardware is only going to get better as time goes along. Remember, Apple is only one generation back from having a tablet with no cameras or GPS on their Wi-Fi only model. I imagine Amazon including those in their next generation.You better hope some one like Amazon can keep Apple on its toes otherwise expect the...
I hope so. At this stage in the game I think only Amazon can keep Apple on its toes.
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