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So what happen to all of the dual hard drive rumors we heard about before?
I see you only have 4 posts, you need to post more!
What I don't understand is, how did they get the last 4 digits of people's credit cards, or are they the same on every e-mail?
I started reading your post but then I realized I don't have any aluminum foil or duct tape close by...
Trying to get your post count up tonight eh? I'd make a wack-o liberal comment but that would be too easy at this point. First off, sorry to hear about your dad but who's to say he would even be alive under another country's healthcare system at this point? The two-party system has worked pretty good for years, it wasn't until recently when the far-left appeared that the real problems started. Sorry, I see a lot more vile, in your face, childish actions coming from...
Don't worry, we're on the fast track to finding out.As a U.S. citizen, I find that as a good thing.Why? If socialism and communism are so good, then why has it killed so many millions of people in the last 100 years? Why do so many people risk their lives to come to this country? How come there isn't a mass exodus of United States citizens fleeing to other countries? Back to the story, I'm glad Shelton stood up and kept the company on track TO BUILD COMPUTERS AND...
Maybe it's just me, but to me it sounds like Apple is saying give us $18.99 now and later you'll get to see what you bought. Oh well, I'm not going to waste much time worrying about a band that hit its peak 20 years ago.
Since there is no mention of iWork '06, can we assume it will open natively saved iWork '09 files? Seriously people, this is a no-brainer. If you want access to 09 files you get the 09 version of the software, otherwise you get your coworker/friend to save the document as an '08 version.
I hope this is a sign of some interesting updates sometime soon. The way I figured it, it will be at least a month from now before we see anything. Figure two weeks to send invitations out, and then allow people two weeks to schedule travel. This next "release cycle" may actually live up to the hype MacWorld's presentation didn't.
I see big potential for Apple in the home media server market. I know people say that giving DVR capabilities to the Apple TV will undercut the iTunes store, but the only reason there isn't an Apple TV on my because it can't do those things. I love my TiVo, and I think Apple is missing the boat on this one. Not to mention I would sign-up in a heartbeat for an iTunes subscription service to the likes of Netflix.
New Posts  All Forums: