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Ireland your spellcheck is broke, I fixed your post for you.One of the few posts on this topic that makes sense. I agree and hope this spurs Apple into making iPhone version 4 an even better product.I'll bet you $5 Obama is it in 2009.Actually I thought the original post made a lot of sense, and from what I've read and heard is what happened. Can you enlighten us all as to what was wrong with the information given?
I'm surprised companies like EA hasn't brought out a game controller. I would think that would help them to sell even more games. --Dave
I see where Intel said they are not jumping on board, but to me it doesn't make much sense. Now that the specs are laid out how much effort is involved implementing it? I'm not a chip designer but wouldn't you want your chips to have the latest and greatest technology out there? Intel's statement to me sounds like they were caught with their pants down. I ask to someone more intelligent than I, why is Intel dragging their feet?
It isn't? Even though manufacturers are starting to put it on motherboards? Nobody's doing that with Light Peak. Between you and me I hope we are both right. USB3 for backwards compatibility, and Light Peak for faster external storage. I haven't researched this but can Light Peak power external devices like Firewire and USB, or is it strictly a data transmission medium via fiber technology.
Some companies are already putting it on their motherboards.http://icrontic.com/news/gigabyte-ad...ps-and-usb-3-0It has been quite a story getting USB3 to the point where it is now, but so has the 802.11 N-spec. I expect it to be adopted rather quickly to accommodate high-bandwith products such as HD video cameras, large capacity media players (iPods, Zunes, etc.) I think this is going to be here sooner than we expect. Just my opinion...
I'm in your position as well. The only thing is I see USB3 as being right around the corner and I want to make sure my next computer has that. To everyone else out there, yes I know there is always something new around the corner, but USB3 is going to be adopted and in place way before light peak or any other technology. Mark my words, the new iPhone (which will replace my 3G), will have USB3.
My cousin jailbroke his so he could put on a tone loud enough to here when he gets a text message. Apple lets you change ringtones, why not text and e-mail tones?
Do you know if they ever solved the problem with visual voicemail in the tethering hack? I tried the big hack back when it first came out and lost visual voicemail and notifications that I had voicemail altogether. --Dave
I can second this story with a similar experience. I was a happy Parallels user for verisons 2 & 3, when 4 came out I immediately upgraded based on past success with their product, boy was I soon disappointed. I gave them 6 months to fix the bugs and they never did. When they fought me for my refund I told them I paitently waited for you to fix your buggy software, if I would have known it wasn't going to be fixed earlier I would have asked for my money back sooner. Seems...
Agreed, ours received a renovation about this time last year. To be honest though I didn't notice anything different when it reopened. \
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