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I heard she was the "film maker" ILM hired to come up with the concept for Jar Jar Binks. Unfortunately all she had to work with at the time, was a machine running Windows 98. I can't wait to see what's next now that she's running Vista!
Jeff, I assume since you don't have the social awareness to sense when a certain amount of sarcasm is being used, you are probably okay with this game? Personally I like dark humor, however when a society gets to the point where it becomes funny to simulate the killing of babies, it has a serious problem.
If it were a game about killing gays the creator would have been thrown in jail by now for a hate crime.I may be wrong but I don't think there are many "liberals" out there who would think shaking babies to death would be considered a fun game. That's just bad stuff man. Hopefully some day when you become a parent you'll see things a little differently.
I wish I saw 3.6Mb/s. The best I've seen with the Speedtest.net app is 1.52Mb/s, most of the time I "truck along" at about .9Mb/s.
Throwing Apple's software advantage aside, I think Apple should update the standard memory and hard drive size for those who really don't know the whole picture and instead just look at "numbers." Available hard drive space and memory are numbers everyone "knows" and looks at today when shopping for a computer. They all want to know how much hard drive space they have to store their MP3's. I think if Apple closes the gap there, it is a done deal for the masses...
"Other features related to 802.11n include Space Time Block Coding" Does this mean Flux capacitors are now obsolete?
I wouldn't go that far. Out of the 15 or so people on the floor there is usually only 2 of them that know anything beyond iPhone, iPod, iLife, and OS X. The one person who could answer my program is always either on break, off for the day, or has a 2 hour line of people waiting to see him/her. I find most people there to be as equally annoying as at any CompUSA or BestBuy.
As someone who experienced a house fire last year I strongly suggest you add something such as Backblaze (online backup) to your data protection plan. For $50 a year I think it's pretty cheap. Personally I use a Drobo at home, but also keep a portable hard drive offsite to ensure the most important stuff is backed up. A little overboard? Maybe, but if I loose the first pictures of my son after being born, I would never forgive myself. --Dave
Ha, Microsoft's ad is perfect for the New York Times crowd. Give them half the story and skew the rest of the facts...
Then do it already. Go buy your $699 laptop, download the beta version of Windows 7 and leave. Why do you keep coming back to these forums if you are so unhappy?
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