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Kisses on the Bottom, is that in reference to this slobberfest from a few years back? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vuPXp...e_gdata_player
Although Obama wishes he ran a democracy, he doesn't. The United States is a representative republic. Ever see protests where people yell "This is what democracy looks like!"? Well, they're correct. That is what a democracy looks like, chaos were every believes they should have and be able to do whatever they want.It's been said a few times already. Pure capitalism is free market.Wow, Saul would be proud. When you have no argument insult, insult, insult.
Why? People with too much time and money on their hands can come up with lots of reasons to remove hydroelectric dams (the truest clean energy we know of).http://www.oregonlive.com/environmen...l_ramps_u.htmlhttp://www.hydroreform.org/news/2011...ific-northwesthttp://www.americanrivers.org/our-wo...ound/faqs.html I wish this was political fear-mongering, unfortunately calling attention to what is actually going on is just pointing out reality. Don't worry though, there...
Agreed, I remember when I first bought my iPhone 4, I had it in the map pocket of my tank bag. My thought was to use the GPS to help our group "return to civilization". That idea lasted about 4 minutes before the phone overheated and shut down. I don't see solar charging being a good idea unless things keep going they way that they are and before you know it coal/nuclear/hydro electric power becomes illegal.You almost caused me to spit out my coffee!
Excuse me but the Americans aren't the ones wearing Speedo's at the beach...
I like you Apple ][ you're sarcastic just like me!
I'm glad this was the first post because this whole story didn't make sense because of that very fact...
As long as they don't "endanger my safety" by using them below 10,000 feet I'm fine with the idea....
I think it's a scam for some geek to get lucky..."Look Liv, my birthday wish to you is all over the Internet!"
Yep, they brought it on to themselves. Other than the $5 plan I refused to pay for the higher text upgrade plans and used WhatsApp for years. I can take a few texts from no iPhone users out of the base 200 I get with the $5 plan. This will make it that much more easier for me to avoid going over my limit.
New Posts  All Forums: