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Most built-in flashes on cameras are terrible. Anyone have experience with one built-in to a phone? Are they really that important? Currently I recompose the shot to match the hardware I've got.
I hear ya. I'm sure there was sometime spent hanging the new signs and whatnot. Since it was a big day I would value every extra minute I had in bed, knowing what a zoo everything was about to become...That's the beauty of Apple products. From my first iPod to now, the only Apple related manual I've ever looked at and just read from was Aperture. I enjoy self discovery, and Apple makes it easy to do. I'm sure there are some new tricks to show the employees, but for the...
How many hours do you think it will take to learn how to use a iPod Touch Maxi? I bet within the first 30 minutes the staff will have a pretty good idea of what this thing can do. If anything I bet you the employees are mad they have to come in so early for something as stupid as this.
How about Netflix on the iPhone? I've been waiting for that...
Looks like someone forgot to send a check to Greenpeace this month...
Cool, send me the extra sticks that are just going to waste in your machine(s).
I hope they are waiting to release the new iWork and iLife in one big package once 10.6.3 is ready to be released. I'm still using iWork '08 and Leopard. I'm ready to upgrade but it makes no sense to buy the upgrade pack now...
Sounds a little disengenuos to me. "We acknoledge there are problems and we are going to work on them to get it right. Oh by the way CS5 is coming, buy now!" I hope Adobe is sincere, however I'm not holding my breath.
I've had my Drobo for a little over a year now and love it. The older units were noisy but the newer ones are pretty quiet. Every once in a while the fan kicks on and it makes some noise but that rarely happens for me.
Acura, what a boring car, every time you turn the key the car starts and runs like a champ. I prefer to live life on the wild side. You never know what's going to happen when you try start a VW.
New Posts  All Forums: