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Look, I pointed out the facts of this thread, this stuff just gets old and tiresome. If you want to be funny come up with something original. Save the Madow/Oberman/Maher claptrap for the political forum.
It cracks me up how the "left", "democrats", "insert title here" keep telling everyone how compassionate and understanding they are, yet it is unbelievable how this thread has mentioned everything from her teeth to Sarah Palin... Wait, let me guess, you're neither republican or democrat, conservative or liberal, right?
First, I'll answer the questions which have nothing to do with the topic. You can't draw or play tennis because you don't have the skill set to do those things. You do however have a choice as to whether or not to attempt to have a career as an artist, scientist, or tennis player. From the sounds of it though I would highly suggest finding something else. As for Obama, I could tell you, but something tells me you wouldn't like the answer. Now as for HP, they are a...
Are you saying you're a data slut?
This is too easy, HP isn't in love with their products.
Guess I should have used the /sarcasm... But since you brought it up, without breaking the related datasheets, I'm willing to bet the internal components are well within their operating temps. If Apple isn't worried I don't think we need be...
Agreed, I'll add that since the temps mentioned are no where near the reflow point of solder, there isn't much here other than some wasted time reading all this junk...
I have mixed emotions regarding charging for a compatibility update. I think they are doing the right thing by keeping costs low. Common people, it has been 5 years, $15 isn't going to break the bank. I don't understand calling it 2007. Why wouldn't you just call it 2012 or 2013?
No, the guy in the middle... Gotta agree with Ireland on this one, what the hell are you on?
I wish they'd just get on with it and use the transparent aluminum which a very reliable friend of a friend told me Ive has planned for the iPhone 5.
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