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You're not the only one.
I never thought the day would come would come where there would be a firmware update for an AC cord.
While I agree with you to, the circle goes round and round. Palm mainstreamed the PDA market, destroying the "Casio clones" in the process. Then WINCE came out and caught Palm off-guard while they were dragging their feet. Next Apple came and caught MS while they were dragging their feet. Recently though I think Apple to a certain point have been dragging their feet. While we don't know what has been going on behind the scenes, competition has come in and has opened...
Agreed. While I will continue to have/use an iPhone for quite sometime I wish success for Palm, Android, and Windows Mobile 7 just to keep Apple honest.BlackBerry, not so much....
It is always fun to pick on the Browns. Only problem is that even my Cleveland friends don't care much about the Browns anymore. Go Steelers!
Heh, heh, I see it as Verizon's propaganda machine put out enough FUD to keep as many people as possible from buying an iPhone 4 and signing a new 2-year deal with AT&T. Now that we are quickly approaching the often rumored "introduction date" and there will be no product launch they can go on record as saying, "We never said we would be getting the iPhone 4." It is an easy way for them to push waiting hopefuls out another few months to see what happens. My wife and I...
I'm with you 100%. I left Sprint (going back to the Treo 300 days) for the iPhone 3G, and while all carriers have issues, I was most happy with Sprint. I find the coverage area with AT&T to be terrible. My work has me in many outlying areas without coverage. My work provided BlackBerry works fine, my iPhone leaves me SOL. Hard to make a case to my boss to switch to iPhones when most of the time you don't have coverage.
I had that happen on my phone as well. Every photo taken with 4.0 is this way. I was expecting this to be fixed with the new software because the issue is well documented on the Apple discussion forums. Looks like I'll submit another bug fix. While overall I happy with my iPhone 4, I'm still upset the main reason I bought the new phone was because of how bad Apple screwed-up the 3G "update"... \
Remember, it's going to take 3 pictures in a fraction of a second. For the level of quality people tend to accept from cell phones they won't even notice the slight crop which will occur at the edges from misalignment when the images are put together.The beauty is it happens instantly and you don't need to launch an app to do it.
Ya, you've been blowing out, blowing out nonsense. I asked what has Obama done other than write memoirs to show that he is a capitalist or supports capitalism. I can't name one program from this administration that favors business, and you apparently can't either. Every word out of his mouth demonizes "big business". Supporting your favorite pizza shop back in Chicago doesn't make you a capitalist. You are the one who started down the "political path", I...
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