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I thought the same thing at first, but then I realized, AT&T knows where there coverage issues. They should send them out to those customers ASAP for free.
We already have by looking at everything the government is currently in charge of; social security, medicare, post office, Senate's cafeteria, department of motor vehicles, public education, the VA hospitals, tax code, etc... All failures. I know this is probably going offend most of you with socialized healthcare but do you honestly think your program offers or invents more life saving techniques and cures than America's current system? Sorry, I lived the government...
Good point DK, I hate it when people come here to post and assume that just because they have no need for something no one else should either. I'm in the same boat as you and have a few cases where I have to run Windows end of story. Thanks to AI for posting this story so I can grab a copy myself. --Dave
I don't like how podcasts are now sorted. Before I could listen to part of a podcast, snyc and everything would remain sorted by date. Now if I sync part way through, that episode moves to the bottom of the list. If I go back to listen to that episode I have to take my iPhone out and select the next episode once it finishes. That's a pain when you are driving or working out. Why would they change that?
Your point has merit but what about sports shows, and things that are on today? I spend most of my TV watching time watching current episodes of programs, and I think most people do as well. I wish they would give Apple TV DVR capabilities but we all know that's a pipe dream...
What if Apple purchased the wifi N chips now, so they could receive a bulk discount to use them in a future more powerful device such as the "iTablet"? Are the new processors in the iTouch even powerful enough to handle data transmitted at N speeds? It would be interesting to see a newly built iPhone 3GS to see if the chip is now being used there as well. Anyone who bought an iPhone in the last few days interested in making a sacrifice to the "collective" and take their...
Obviously it'll be with whatever the new offerings are.
In our Labor Day weekend trip from Pittsburgh to Boone, NC, four of our AT&T phones have been utterly worthless, a fifth person who has a Verizon has had service this entire weekend, and for most of the trip down. I've had similar experience when we travel to upstate NY to visit family. While I don't want to be an AT&T hater, network coverage is definitely their problem and they cannot blame it on anything but their own management decisions. Count me as a switcher as...
I'm going to sit it out for the first month of jet packs and flying cars, by that time I figure most of the idiots will have taken the Darwin route, and the skies should be much safer.
New Posts  All Forums: