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Nope, he said when driving, not when he was driving. That could mean when someone else was driving. Even still, if he's a good enough driver to multitask, then have at it. Some people can chew bubble gum and walk at the same time.I think Tom Tom wants to price this high as not to cannibalize sales of their GPS units. Companies like Tom Tom and Garmin want to sell their own hardware, thats where they make the money. That's why you don't see a big push for these...
What if he's in the passenger seat?
I currently do that and it works okay. Time Machine backups are slow, but I don't know if it is any slower than using a TimeCapsule. I recently started running out of hard drive space on my laptop and started using the Drobo more as a storage for larger files and libraries. I pulled the Drobo from the AE and use it through the firewire connection and backups are blazingly fast. I use Backblaze for redundant offsite storage and by connecting the Drobo via firewire the...
Don't worry, there is no way on this green earth SJ is going to let Verizon get anywhere near the app store. If anything, you may see, "Apple's App Store brought to you by the good people at Verizon" or something like that. I believe Verizon's app store will be for the "dumber" smart phones and the ones which don't have applications on them today. Now that the industry has seen how successful apps can be, everyone is going to get in to the act over the next year or two...
If this story is true: 1. I wonder what Apple would have to do to get Ballmer to do that. 2. I would hope there would be a Youtube clip of it.
I think the problem would be everyone would think it is a relas candidate and expect everything to work perfectly. The support lines would be overwhelmed. Plus with more people having software in a constant state of revision would give the perception of poorly written software. Microsoft wa able to do a preview of Windows 7 because the code was finished a long time ago with Vista.
Not only that, but now they are going to make all of the old cables and chargers end up in a landfill because now they are all obsolete, except for a select few of course. I'm so glad the EU has spare time on their hands to worry about cell phone chargers. I just wouldn't be able to get by without their help.
Since you didn't want to do the search, here's what 2 minutes and Google can do for you,http://www.batterygeek.net/Batteryge...Packs-s/78.htmhttp://www.tuaw.com/2009/05/04/exter...r-mac-laptops/http://www.quickertek.com/products/m...ro_charger.php
Does anyone know if the Tom Tom cradle has a line out jack for letting the iPhone play music through the car stereo?
Gotta disagree with you, at one time Palm WAS the PDA market. Their innovations such as getting handwriting to work let Palm succceed where Apple failed. The Treo line set a new standard for smart phones and again they owned the market for several years. The problem was they stopped the innovation no thanks to one terrible decision after another from their management team. More attenion was made to what the company's name was and the logo instead of the product. I'm glad...
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