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I see big potential for Apple in the home media server market. I know people say that giving DVR capabilities to the Apple TV will undercut the iTunes store, but the only reason there isn't an Apple TV on my because it can't do those things. I love my TiVo, and I think Apple is missing the boat on this one. Not to mention I would sign-up in a heartbeat for an iTunes subscription service to the likes of Netflix.
You are right, the first two generations of iPods had a firewire connector on them, the 30-pin didn't come around until the 3rd generation, which was the first iPod I bought, a 30GB unit. Even that cable terminated to a firewire connection on the opposite (computer) end. I had to buy a Soundblaster Live for the firewire connector also. I remember I bought a 4th generation iPod Photo for my then girlfriend (now wife) and the cable terminated in to a USB connector and the...
I'm waiting for this also. I think it may come sooner than we are expecting. This just makes so much sense to do for a product like a media server. A question for the more technical folk out there, how does ZFS differ from what the people at Drobo are doing? Is it the same technology?
You beat me to it! I was going to say the same thing! Actually I agree with xwiredtva on the Boxee software. I have it running on my MacBook Pro and it is pretty awesome. I have an HD set in mind with a PC input, I plan on hooking the laptop up to it and using it as my "Apple TV". It does everything and I get the bonus of a DVD drive, all I have to do is spend money on a cable!
I hear ya Jeff, but you need to go a couple posts back before mine to make your point proper.
Did I hit a little too close to home for you Virgil to start calling me names? Should I have included "no offense" in my post to make you feel better? So sorry!
You sure about that, because our government is handing out money to people left and right. In a few months you won't be able to tell the U.S. from any other socialist nation. Plus, right now we are in the fun stages of socialism where everyone thinks the government really can provide you with anything you want, all you have to do is ask. \
Wow, why do I feel like I live in a crazy mixed-up world? Did China purchase Microsoft when I was sleeping? Didn't Apple go after a company selling "MyPod" knock-offs?
Not coming to my iPhone anytime soon! The tinfoil hat crowd are starting to make more and more sense every day!
I guess this is goodbye then?
New Posts  All Forums: