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Fair enough...
 At this point I have no sympathy for the jailbreaking community.  Even in the early days of jailbreaking when you could make an argument for doing it I never saw the value of hacking something that contains the amount of personal information the average smartphone contains...
At this point it's kind of cute how you believe Swatch marketing was channeling this almost forgotten character from the 70's; and not this, considering all the success they have had surrounding their "one more thing" over the last 20 some odd years... Just one more thing, what is the "one more thing" Swatch is so known for?  I haven't noticed anything new or note worthy from them since around 1988'ish, give or take a year or two.
""blow away" current, "junky" smart TV interfaces"   That's a rather easy bar to beat.  From the brief experiences I've had trying to use "current" smart TV interfaces my now ancient second gen AppleTV is considerably better IMHO.
Can you not, not prove it? No. You have to take Swatch's word on it. Prove what they're saying is true. You can't prove it just as I can't. Those of us who believe they are lying have a trail of questionable practices as DamonF pointed out.
Again, good for you.  Thats a good trait to have.  However in this case the rest of will laugh at the farce that we know that this is.
Yep, it amazes me any time I have my parents over to watch the kids, never fails my wife and I come home to find my parents watching a SD broadcast.  My eyes burn just looking at the screen.  They aren't the only ones either.  I know plenty of people who will sit through crappy YouTube videos that aren't even 720p.   
I'll be upgrading from my 5 if that makes you feel any better.  
Selfie flash, yeah!!!  Eat that innovation Samsung!   /sarcasm
So you believe Swatch marketing is referencing a cigar smoking, slob of a cop from a 70's TV show, good for you.  Since we're not in "The People's Court" (I borrow from the 80's) the rest of us will see this for the farce that it is...
New Posts  All Forums: