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I figured that's what was going on but like I said the messages started appearing right around day 3. Quite annoying. You would think a week or two without contacting the server would be good enough... TimeMachine gives you ~ 15 days before the first notice and that's a lot more mission critical than an office suit.
I'll add even MS Office likes to call home, frequently.  I recently spent 2 weeks in China and from about day 3 onward I was constantly reminded that my Office 365 subscription could not be verified.  Thankfully I was still able to use it but the constant nagging from the software was irritating.  I always had my fingers crossed the next morning that Office would still be working.
Guess Apple is going to have to remove the whole "equal opportunity" statement from their website now... http://www.apple.com/jobs/us/
Same here. My phone was unreliable at my new office. At first they were going to try and charge me for the microcell. After a discussion of how good a customer I've been (I've given enough money to AT&T for a crate of damn microcells) and the fact that I have 3 phones coming off contract just in time for the 6S, they finally had a change of heart.
As a Slovenian-Italian-American I am highly offended you didn't include my ethnicity in your example.  
I look at it the other way, institutions who block legal concealed carry laws are supporting terrorism and should be held accountable because lawabiding citizens are not allowed to protect themselves. As far as I'm concerned these venues are taking the responsibility for my safety when they don't allow legal people to carry. Victims families should be allowed to sue as a result.While I agree it doesn't matter who you like to have sex with, this was funny, lighten up...
As a VW owner I am floored they are this progressive regarding CarPlay. I didn't expect to see this until 2018 or later...
We aren't meant to. This use to bug me too until I finally told myself just keep buying the stock and when the day comes that the market wakes up and realizes how undervalued it is I'll be that much better off. ;-)
I think I figured it out, libraries are racist because you need an I.D. to get a library card so there goes that option...  [/sarcasm]
New Posts  All Forums: