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They've been saying that for over a year now, probably closer to two. I'm sure they're working on something, but until it's released it doesn't exist.Get a PS3 because unless they changed things a subscription is required for a PS4. The Wii U is the only subscription free console.
Good luck Amazon, hopefully this will put a little pressure on Apple to evolve the current AppleTV.
I thought I remember reading on a blog just before the release of 7.0 that the weather app was going to have an update for live temps in the icon. Am I dreaming?
Sorry, not sure what I was thinking on the year.  Only had one cup of coffee this morning...  ;-)
 I'm sure the fountain doesn't care.  You do realize that even if this is the 100% truth (governors only sign the laws that the legislation passes) he was last governor in 1972?  How long now has California been run by liberal moon bats?  Are you saying they've been that incompetent for the last 42 years? The real reason why many of the people with mental issues are on the streets now is because of costs, no one (state or federal) can afford it with all the other social...
 Last two phones I bought were 32GB.  I think from now on I'll be going for the 64GB or better if available.  Apps (books) for the kids take up a tremendous amount of space.  Seems like I'm always moving things around to update, etc.
Well at least Apple addressed the more critical out of the two... 
Actually they brought it back for one more go around, I'm running it now.  I needed it because that was they only way I could get the Mobile Home folders to sync properly.  The rules I set in Profile Manager were being completely ignored.  Since 3.0.2 I can't even create/edit the a folder path in the rules. 
You all have a lot of faith in Server.  Version 3.0.3 is still a bug ridden disaster.  It took them months to address the VPN issues, Profile Manager is still broken for the last ~ 4(?) months.  The current OD is about as stable as a drunken 85 year old woman walking on ice, in slippers.   The original thinking behind the Server app was to have it replace Workgroup Manager.  Three versions later Workgroup Manager is still required because the Server App is...
 I'm beginning to think that's why Apple is so in your face with updates anymore.  Red flags on the App Store icons, trying to get us to update in the background, etc.  I love the new ideas coming out of Apple, and I'm on board with many of the changes, however the implementation anymore is horrid.  Photostream on Apple TV is hosed up for many users (check the Apple forums), Mavericks and iOS7 still have a lot of open issues, Server is just simply embarrassing with its...
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