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 I had my logic board replaced under this; http://support.apple.com/kb/TS4088
 FYI, there's no need to tell us where you you get your news from, we can tell from your posts...
$5 says that if this story was "MSNBC's giant new Microsoft touch screens have fewer pixels than an iPad" the comments would be gushing of how innovative and forward thinking it is to have such a large display and that Apple should build a 55" display or else they're doomed.
 Lucky dog.  I've heard good things about the GTD as well.  We're suppose to get both on this side of the pond, but not until next year.  Enjoy!
That's nice and all VW, but how about getting the MK VII GTi over here ASAP?
 Or just learn to spell...
That would be well appreciated, I've already had a few artists I couldn't build a radio station from.
 I'll take a stab at your question.  When a .1 update is issued to an OS there are multiple modules which are updated.  Don't think of an OS as one big piece of software, it's actually thousands (hundreds of thousands?) of much smaller binary files.  The OS knows how to talk to each of these smaller files and unless there is either a new module or something added to an existing one the messages that are passed back and forth don't necessarily change.  In an iOS app a large...
It is, I thought they usually take the sites down.  Hmm, I wonder what they have in their skunk works to be that attractive to Apple.  Whatever it is I hope they bought them because they worked on some breakthrough process together and they are protecting their intellectual investment.
 Ouch, I guess that means 4K is going to be a long ways away until some awesome compression technology becomes available.  Which by the way I heard not too long ago that Apple acquired a company that specializes in video compression.
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