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Wow, never knew you could actually read the text on the icon!
I'm almost ashamed to admit how many hours I've wasted trying to get that server software working. I bought the first Mini that came with the server software as a "hobby" to teach myself about servers. SLS had a little bit of a learning curve, but Lion Server was an embarrassment. I wasted so much time trying to figure out what I did wrong only to find out it wasn't me most of the time.Sever is finally getting to a point where it is again usable. That's what almost three...
 If you are to believe Jobs' version of the story there would be no Mac if Woz had his way.  We'd all be on Apple ~ 25XLC///8's.  Understandably Woz didn't want to abandon the classic platform.
 That's what doesn't make sense about this story.  Apple is usually tight lipped about everything.  Why would they announce this now after so many months of nothingness on the Aperture front?  All it does is encourage people to jump ship to Adobe.  Something isn't right with this story and leads me to believe more will be announced in the near future.  Questions answered!
Well they get along well with our son Mac so what more could we ask for...
We've enjoyed our 2nd gen for a few years now. Hopefully there will be a 4th gen soon.
To some one out of the loop you are right, however I gave up thinking I was smarter than Apple a long time ago.
I think this is a risky investment.  I realize they are cool and well-built but what's to stop a some one from coming along tomorrow with a competitive offering?  Reminds me a lot of Flip cameras. They too owned their market, then all of a sudden here one day and gone the next.  Granted they were bought and then destroyed from within by Cisco, seems too easy that something similar could happen here.
That's the best case you could come up with?   
Time to buy, buy, buy!
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