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With the tight manufacturing tolerances of Apple products would batteries with these even slide in to a trackpad/keyboard?
Fox News!  Ahhhhh!  (Runs out of the room with wildly flailing hands.)   Sorry, you know its going to come from some one.
I looked but I couldn't their token based system that required user authorization from the owners finger print, which was encrypted in a 64-bit memory system.Living in the U.S. I'm not a worldly guy as some but I have spent some time in Europe and South America and have never seen it implemented there either.Can you post a link to the phone that's had this technology since '08?
Either introducing something new or refining a feature set to work seamlessly and better than current iterations.Cloud drive as Apple's version of DropBox, not innovative. Touch ID's sensor tied in to the processor ID to create a unique encryption key and spanning it across a 64 bit memory address innovative.Increasing screen size by .x inches not innovative. Creating a payment system where the retailer never has access to your credit card information innovative.If...
You do realize Apple kicked off the modern mobile platform right? Prior to that screens were tiny and most of them were not touch sensitive. Just because some one came along and made a bigger screen doesn't make them an "innovator".
Why is it again Android users say Apple never innovates and exclude things like this?
It does.
Nice, thanks for reminding us not to go to / send our kids to Harvard's School of Investments.  ;-)
I'm willing to bet these robbers had (and still have) no idea what they got. To them it's a regular old iPad.
It use to be (and pretty sure still the case) the headphone cord is the antenna.
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