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While I'll enjoy this channel update more than KORTV, I'm looking forward to a software update to fix Photo Stream.  It would be nice to see all 1,000 photos I have in my stream just like I can on every other iOS device I own. Here's the obligatory link for the ones on here who think everything works perfectly in the Apple world....
OSX Server, one of the true bags of hurt from Apple...
Not saying it doesn't happen but I think the number of people who look at Geekbench scores and then purchase a Mac Mini over an iMac is extremely small.
Just in time for WWDC '14...
WTF is up with AI? I have to type everything in TextEdit and paste it in.  Phil I tried your test on my 2010 MBP and it works like it suppose to.
Well as you can see for the other posts in this thread my opinion is not in the minority but for some reason you felt to solo me out.  I too posted links to where she's a fake.  To be honest it doesn't matter.  In a few years she'll be replaced by the next “talented” young singer we’re suppose to all admire.
If they must report on her then take the good with the bad. Do you want a "super star" who couldn't perform the national anthem live representing the future of entertainment. Surely there are more deserving entertainers who actually give a real performance when they go on stage. I think using someone like her tarnishes the brand image. If it wasn't for her famous boyfriend/husband whoever he is, she would have been gone a long time ago.
 Not petty, just disgusted at these infallible idols media our outlets seem to worship praise on.  This whole story is something I would expect to see on an AOL.com weblog, not Apple Insider.
From Wikipedia, “The standardized version that was voted upon [sic] by these five musicians premiered at Carnegie Hall on December 5, 1917.”  So the song hasn’t changed since then. If she would just sing the song and not try to do her own R&B interpretation I’m sure it would have come off just fine.  Hundreds of “lesser” singers perform the song weekly at hockey, football, baseball, and basketball games.  Just think Canadians not only have to perform their national anthem...
Yep, I was right. http://www.washingtonian.com/blogs/afterhours/inauguration-2013/did-beyonce-lip-sync-the-star-spangled-banner.php# I guess she figured she better learn it ASAP for "the big game".
New Posts  All Forums: