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I knew it!  Bush's fault!
I was afraid of that.  Thanks.  It makes complete sense, I was just hoping Apple figured out a way to make it work.  I was in an unfortunate situation where my iPhone 4 died a few months before the 5S was introduced.  I love the idea of Touch I.D. but didn't want to necessarily replace my 5 just for that.  I'll wait and see what the 6S brings to the table ~ fall.  :-)
Jumping slightly off-topic, I know you can do Apple pay with an iPhone 5, will it also allow you to unlock the phone similar to touch ID if you have it on your wrist? 
And don't forget walls shorten that distance.  You might be able to put your phone out on the deck and walk around in your yard but leaving it on the kitchen counter might be pushing things a bit in the typical 3 bedroom style home.  I have one of those Panasonic cordless phone bases that I can pair my iPhone to and I have issues when I get three rooms away from the base.  I'm not sure what implementation of Bluetooth Panasonic is using though...
I agree 100%.  My only hope is that this project doesn't fall in to the bottomless pit of forgotteness with other outstanding ideas such as iBooks Author.  I had a lot of hope with that project and it pretty much fell off the face of the earth.
Man it would be a pain to hold a controller and try to game on an iPad when there is already a platform (3DS) for that.
 I hope you are right.  When games first started coming out for the iPhone I was on board.  My original DS started collecting dust.  Unfortunately the limitations (tactile controls, game depth, game quality, etc.) I soon stopped gaming on the iPhone and never returned to the DS.  A fews years have passed since and we recently purchased a 2DS for my son.  I have to admit I'm having a ton of fun and even purchased a few games for myself for after he goes to bed.  I couldn't...
Thanks, I'd add cooling and aerodynamics to that as well...
Sadly I agree, as an owner of a MGB '74 1/2 Late Model the Miata is the closest thing out there.  Almost bought a MX-5 in 1998 but ended up with a BMW R12C instead.
I'd hope for more of a Triumph or MGB look.  :-) To me those are just classic designs.
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