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Carnegie Mellon is in Pittsburgh as is an Apple Dev Center, at least there was a few years back. Not sure if it's still there.
Me thinks he doth protest too much.
 Oh man, don't go down that road...
You are correct. One podcast, I believe it was MacBreak Weekly had a great explanation of how that works. It was something to the effect of somehow Apple is able to amortize the costs of developing the software in the sell of each piece of hardware. If I remember the discussion correctly they are able to spread that write down over three years. The deemed useful life of a computer/phone.I'm not an accountant and I don't know all the technicalities of it but in a nutshell...
In all fairness people had a lot of reasons to bitch six months ago. In Apple's defense they have been releasing steady updates to address many of the complaints. If this would have been the version released last year there would have been a lot less bitching.Apparently they were under the gun to get something released before MS Office made its big debut.Good updates Apple, keep it coming, you're not done yet.
64-bit memory addressing is a key component to the level of security the iPhone 5s. It's not a bump your chest spec like Samsung and supporting media would make you believe it is. Read Apple's recently released document regarding their security technology.You must have never worked in a professional studio. Photos used in ads were routinely touched up. Wether it was tricks with the developer, or touching up the negative, it was a regular step in the process. The only...
I understand what you are saying but think of how many people even know about Plex. It would be nice to have a Plex-like version of iTunes but that isn't going to happen anytime soon. My parents and inlaws get their Netflix. See pictures of the kids, and occasionally rent movies. They are satisfied customers.I don't think he's an idiot. That's being a little harsh. He's just trying to keep things going as long as he can. He sees the writing on the wall.
You beat me to it.  Roku makes nice hardware and has some great features but the ecosystem surrounding the iOS universe trounces everything else at the moment.  Manufacturing costs are next to nothing, its a board in a plastic case.  The major components are ~ 3 years old, the R&D has long been recouped. These are words of a nervous CEO.
I'm glad I'm not the only one. At first I though you might have been associated with MacMall and didn't want to go in to details. I did way more than I should have as a customer to try and get things right. I was a sales manager in a previous life and know mistakes happen, just fix them when they do.
 Price was great for me too.  Shipping was a little flakey, took about a week to a week and a half if I remember correctly.  I didn't think any one would care but since you asked, I fell for a free Parallels 8 offer on Black Friday.  It was one of those buy it now and send in the rebate offers.  I sent it in only to have my rebate rejected with a generic letter and no explanation of what was needed to complete the rebate.  (I sent them everything that was listed in the...
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