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I think this is a risky investment.  I realize they are cool and well-built but what's to stop a some one from coming along tomorrow with a competitive offering?  Reminds me a lot of Flip cameras. They too owned their market, then all of a sudden here one day and gone the next.  Granted they were bought and then destroyed from within by Cisco, seems too easy that something similar could happen here.
That's the best case you could come up with?   
Time to buy, buy, buy!
A huge miss by everyone on the new programming language.  A big ha, ha, goes out to every one who said secrecy and surprises are a thing of the past now that Tim Cook is running the ship.  No one guessed the details of last years WWDC big surprise, the new Mac Pro.
What seven posts in and no mention of doom?  
Their loss, my gain...
Last year the app was broken for months, making it impossible to go back and review presentations.  I hope they do a better job of keeping this app functional this year...
I don't remember them when they were running, I was only six at the time.  Ironically I bought my son a Matchbox version not too long ago.  
 With all due respect to Mark Messier, Can Am has tried this and it still sucks a$$.
I apologize, I wasn't clear.  What if they are developing a pen that would sense where the input device is and subtly "pull the screen" for the lack of a better word?  Even if the technology isn't used with a pen input device I could see some version of this idea being useful on the rumored curved displays.  Maybe they found a way to track finger movement? I always found the parallax feature by itself to be a bit odd.  It was a feature(?) no one was asking for, and to me...
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