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Isn't she the singer who couldn't sing the national anthem?
Problem is you looking at this as Apple just giving out free stuff.  It's not about that.  Their number one focus is to push the growth of iOS7.  This is a tool to get people who are on the fence about updating to say "What the heck.  If I update now I get some cool freebies."    Apple gains because things like iBeacons and other things become activated and "grow" the network.   You may not like iOS 7 and that's fine, the cool thing is you can stay on whatever version...
Have to see people whine about free stuff ... meh.
I'm going to go with Occam's razor and suggest president Obama isn't as "hip" and smart as some think he is.
Cute, would have been funnier except for the fact Obama makes Bush look like Einstein.  Remember, it was Obama who couldn't figure out how to make a call on an iPhone and then promptly blamed the reporter for "having an insufficient cell phone plan".  Yawn, always someone else's fault.... http://www.washingtontimes.com/blog/inside-politics/2012/sep/9/tech-challenge-obama-has-trouble-iphone/
 In addition to what iaeen said, people in private business get fired for incompetence like this.
Wars, i.e. defending the country is a requirement of the federal government under the Constitution.  Department of Education is not.  Kids don't need an iPad to learn.  They need good teachers and good family values at home to encourage their development.  An iPad accomplishes neither. I was thinking it was written in cursive.  ;-) In government speak $100 is a rounding error. I go back and forth on this one.  I'd love to see everyone using Apple products however Chrome...
 No, your buddies are using it as an excuse, they all suck.  ;-) I'm a big Boarderlands 2 fan on the PS3 and I have no issues what so ever with my 55" Pioneer Plasma.  And watching the real NHL on it is unreal, the contrast between the black (shadows in the arena) and the ice (brilliant white) are awesome.  You beat me to it.  Hey, do they have one for iWork '14?  Forgot to check...
I think you may be correct on this.  I think there might have been some changes made to the the algorithms in the compass and maps apps in iOS 7 of which Apple needs to address.  Not criticizing them, they did a lot over the last year and bugs are to be expected, but I think some things can be improved slightly. What's a little odd is that I also use Navigon when I get in to really remote locations and Maps is unable to grab data and I've yet to experience the same issues.
 I spend a good amount of time in areas with little or no cellular connection and this is the first time I've ever seen these specific events happen under these specific conditions.  I've seen them happen with a cold startup on a GPS but never after acquiring a lock and then losing it temporarily.  Apparently I haven't been paying attention before upgrading to iOS7.
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