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Well we have the hyper sensitivity discussing anything of race, the violence in cities like St. Louis, flash mobs, the knock out game, the lambasting of any black conservative in the media, etc.
So its Jim Crow or nothing?  Common you're brighter than that...
File this under No S. Sherlock....
How is he wrong?
iOS 4 is what forced me to upgrade my original 3G to a 4.  Apple should have never made that one available to 3G devices.  Unfortunately iOS 8 is pretty much doing the same to my iPad2.  The last patch helped but its still pretty slow.  Put me in the group of people who would be happy with iOS9 being nothing more than a refactored version of iOS 8.
Good example.  I personally think the new AppleTV is going to be something more then just an AppleTV.  I haven't seen much news lately on HomeKit.  I believe the new AppleTV will act as a sort of "HomeKit server" for the lack of a better term. I think Apple will entice home device manufacturers to include HomeKit functionality and with that they won't have to devote resources to "smart displays" for thermostats, washing machines, etc.  I'm think HomeKit will have an API...
A few channels I'll never watch and need to hide. YouTube now has ads, terrible update this go around. :-(
nudge, nudge of course! (Young Ones reference)Discount is a dirty word in retail, especially when used with premium brands such as Apple. They prefer to use terms such as rebate. There's a little more to it than just that, rebates generally have criteria you have to follow to get the price reduction so they still have some control over the terms of the discount, i.e. how it's presented to the consumer, etc.
I bet Apple is silently working deals with the vendors.  Order X amount of X product and receive X discount or "rebate" wink, wink.
For what its worth I had a terrible experience with MacMall in the past.  Wouldn't honor a rebate for a free copy of Parallels after the purchase of a Mac.  Worse they wouldn't give a reason as to why, even after multiple emails back and forth.  I know they are a big sponsor here, I gave them a chance just because of that, but never again...
New Posts  All Forums: