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  Interesting, I was thinking the same thing.  These might be slightly cheaper than the existing models, mostly due to the savings in packaging.  The current cases although beautiful, must cost a fortune to make.     You have to wonder if it wasn't for the original iMac how many more years the PC industry was going to force 3.5" drives on us?  I was mostly a PC user when these were introduced and even then I thought this was the smart move for Apple because floppies were...
I was quoting Apple.  Would you prefer I use $accounting reasons$ instead?
I didn't.  Don't pretend that I did.
  I remember Apple charging a buck or two for "accounting reasons" to turn the hidden feature on and people complaining about that.
I saw that I was hoping for some insight on 10.9.  I'm starting to think that if your system will run 10.8 it'll run 10.9.  Not that I have too many complaints now but I'm hoping there are improvements to system performance the way Snow Leopard improve Leopard.   I thought the same thing last night long after my original response.  There are no native Lions (thankfully) in North America, let alone California.  
  Now that Steve is gone expect to see some changes.  I don't care what their past philosophy was, the new changes make a better product.  I'm all for it.     Seriously, you're offended the next OS is named after a beach in California?  If the name of a Californian beach offends you why even use a product designed in the US?  There's plenty of machines from Japan (Sony, Toshiba) that shouldn't offend you.  Or how about all those computers coming out of Europe that you...
Was there any mention of hardware requirements?
Actually your original post was childish and unnecessary. They issue wasn't how Rupert came about his success so there wasn't much need to comment on that. There are more than just a few that would argue how ethical Steve was in acquiring his wealth. Those questions will always exist for people who have built successful enterprises, you'll just have to get over it.
I've had that happen to me on several occasions.  Sometimes it happens to messages I received and read hours ago.  Usually it will go back and "fix itself" after some time passes.  I always wonder if Apple isn't performing some kind of update whenever this occurs.  At least that's what I'd like to believe...
    Quick you two should update your resumes just in case the board does can Tim Cook. Obviously you know things about Murdoch that Steve was unaware of.   What was Rupert doing that was so evil and different from any other new organization?  Was he snipping the spinal cords of babies?  Using the DoJ to wiretap reporters phone lines? Using the IRS to shutdown his competition?   Is Rupert a bad guy? I don't know, but there is very little difference between how his...
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