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 Price was great for me too.  Shipping was a little flakey, took about a week to a week and a half if I remember correctly.  I didn't think any one would care but since you asked, I fell for a free Parallels 8 offer on Black Friday.  It was one of those buy it now and send in the rebate offers.  I sent it in only to have my rebate rejected with a generic letter and no explanation of what was needed to complete the rebate.  (I sent them everything that was listed in the...
 I think MP's are more "important" on the "entry level"  DSLR's.  Unless you are in to photography you don't know.  Our society is conditioned to think a higher number of anything is better.  (I'd mention our national debt but that's another topic completely. )  The pro's know and don't get caught up in all that stuff.Years ago I bought a D60 instead of the venerable D40.  I don't remember the specific feature that made me choose it over the D40 but I do remember the D40...
 You're right.  A $6,500 Nikon D4s is 16.2 Mp.  A $8,000 D3x is 24.5 MP.  Wouldn't surprise me to see the next Samsung Galaxy "whatever" advertise itself as the best camera on the market at 28 MP.  Sad thing is people (the press) will fall for it hook, line, and sinker.
I think 4K is jumping the gun a bit.  It will come but I don't think it will happen until the "6S" or "7".
 Yep, I never heard of these guys until now.  I got hosed supporting one of the so called "featured sponsors" of this site.  While the machine was slightly less than ordering direct from Apple, I got the old bait and switch as my reward.  There aren't any close "mom and pop" retailers around me that I'm aware of.  I'm willing to pay full MSRP versus supporting the slime that online retailing has become.
They've been saying that for over a year now, probably closer to two. I'm sure they're working on something, but until it's released it doesn't exist.Get a PS3 because unless they changed things a subscription is required for a PS4. The Wii U is the only subscription free console.
Good luck Amazon, hopefully this will put a little pressure on Apple to evolve the current AppleTV.
I thought I remember reading on a blog just before the release of 7.0 that the weather app was going to have an update for live temps in the icon. Am I dreaming?
Sorry, not sure what I was thinking on the year.  Only had one cup of coffee this morning...  ;-)
 I'm sure the fountain doesn't care.  You do realize that even if this is the 100% truth (governors only sign the laws that the legislation passes) he was last governor in 1972?  How long now has California been run by liberal moon bats?  Are you saying they've been that incompetent for the last 42 years? The real reason why many of the people with mental issues are on the streets now is because of costs, no one (state or federal) can afford it with all the other social...
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